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Demand Forecasting: Fluctuating Features

Legion Demand Forecasting applies machine learning to capture your historical demand data patterns. In addition to the raw, time-series data, it uses custom, predictive data sources, cultivated by our data science team over several years.

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How Legion WFM Powers Through C-Store HR Roadblocks

Convenience stores (C-stores) continue to face many HR challenges, including high labor costs due to turnover, low employee engagement, and overworked managers who don’t have enough time to mentor employees. Top Pain Points In our infographic, The Key to Scaling C-Store HR Roadblocks, we reviewed the top pain points reported by the National Association of…

Using Legion WFM and Earned Wage Access to Improve the Hourly Employee Experience

Learn how to use Legion WFM and Earned Wage Access to improve employees’ financial well-being and the hourly employee experience.

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Top 3 Tips for HR and Ops to Empower Hourly Employees with Frontline Communications

Employers can offer benefits beyond pay that will empower hourly employees’ work-life balance, easily manage their schedules and grow their skills, and enhance their experience, so they’re happier and fulfilled in their jobs.

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AI-Powered WFM: HR’s New Superpower

To attract and retain hourly employees, HR leaders must increase the value they offer to these critical workers who expect more schedule control, better communication, and a stronger connection to their company’s purpose.

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AI-Powered WFM: 3 Keys to Building a Successful Business Case

How to choose an AI-powered workforce management solution. Here are the top 3 things you need to build a solid business case and get the maximum executive support.

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Modern AI-Powered WFM Is More Than Time and Attendance

Legion’s mission is turning hourly jobs into good jobs. It serves both businesses and hourly employees. Businesses can take advantage of AI and machine learning technology to optimize labor efficiency while improving scheduling predictability for hourly employees.

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Unlock the Power of Digital Communications for Hourly Employees

Hourly employees quit because ineffective communications prevent them from doing their jobs or leave them feeling disconnected from their colleagues and companies. Legion Frontline Communications enables businesses to transform how they communicate with employees.

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5 Ways AI-Powered WFM Opens Your Path to the Possible

Many innovative changes in workforce management (WFM) help businesses optimize their labor efficiency and enhance the employee experience. Here are five things that are already possible when you use AI & ML-enhanced WFM today.