Intelligent Workforce Management – What HR Leaders Need to Know

August 2, 2022

by Kristin Brennan

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Many industries continue to face the challenge of attracting and retaining talent, especially for 70% of the workforce that doesn’t sit behind a desk. Retail workers, nurses, hospitality staff, and truck drivers are all part of this growing population that has been neglected by HR tech companies and employers. Add the impact of the Great Resignation and inflation, and the problem has grown – making it costly for employers to offer competitive pay rates to attract talent and avoid losing key frontline workers.

The Deskless Employee Experience is Way Behind

How do you keep these deskless frontline workers engaged and motivated? And ultimately transform the employee experience without offering hybrid work? Read this white paper, Intelligent Workforce Management – What HR Leaders Need to Know, written by Kathi Enderes, Ph.D., SVP of Research at The Josh Bersin Company, to get details on how intelligent workforce management empowers HR and Operations leaders and enhances the hourly employee experience across many industries. ,.

The white paper discusses how difficult it is to create a great hourly worker experience – most companies don’t do it well. But you can create an enticing experience for frontline workers when you read the white paper and learn about

  • A secret weapon in the fight for frontline talent
  • Benefits of intelligent workforce management
  • The new killer app for frontline workers

National Movie Theatre Chain Creates Flexibility and Predictability for All Workers

Cinemark is a movie theatre chain employing nearly 20,000 US employees. It needed to find a workforce management solution to make it easy for employees to see their schedules online, track time and attendance, and swap shifts. Its previous system didn’t enable Cinemark to provide employee self-service capabilities, had limited frontline communication features, and was complex for managers to use.

“Cinemark was eager to adopt a new system that would increase efficiencies and offer the ability for team members to easily see schedules and manage tasks on their mobile devices,” said Marie Zablocki, VP of operations and administration at Cinemark.

Find out how using an intelligent WFM system has been a game changer for Cinemark in attracting and engaging a young, always on-the-go workforce.

Learn More

Download the white paper and see how leading retailers use Legion WFM to provide flexibility and self-service to deskless workers.

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