MUJI North America Improves Employee Engagement, Communications, and Scheduling Optimization with Legion WFM

July 21, 2022

by Kristin Brennan

MUJI Chooses Legion Wfm

As a former MUJI store manager, Taku Hareyama, President of the United States and Canada at MUJI, has a unique perspective on how to run store operations. He felt it was very important to automate the company’s manual processes. Previously, it was difficult for a manager to get accurate employee availability and meet each employee’s specific needs. Mr. Hareyama’s personal experience led him to select Legion WFM for MUJI’s workforce management solution.

He appreciated how Legion’s ability to forecast demand, automate scheduling, and provide visibility into employee availability allowed managers to streamline their processes and ultimately allow them to spend more time and energy connecting with their employees, one of MUJI’s key company visions.

Legion’s AI capabilities were just what we were looking for given the complexity of our operations.
– Taku Hareyama, President of USA Limited, MUJI

Legion WFM has made it easier for managers to reach out to employees using the Legion app – improving overall communication between managers and employees. The employee experience has also improved with more schedule flexibility and increased communication with managers. Frontline workers no longer have to call the store or speak with their managers to get their schedules or when they need to swap shifts. They can do it all in the Legion app.

Legion WFM has positively influenced MUJI’s business overall – as well as the employee experience. You can read the full MUJI case study to get all the details. To learn more about Legion WFM, please contact us.