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Ensuring Compliance with Hard Stops vs. Warnings: A Balanced Approach to Schedule Edits

Ensuring compliance in a balanced way can be challenging. Read this Legion WFM article to learn how to do this through hard stops and warnings.

The State of the Hourly Workforce 2024: Key Insights

Learn about unionization threats, employee dissatisfaction, and how the intelligent automation of workforce management can reduce burdens and create greater engagement.

Case Studies In Success: Proven Value of Intelligently Automated WFM

Explore these case studies to see how your enterprise can streamline productivity, deliver a better employee experience, and experience exponential growth.

Inclusive Scheduling: Addressing Unique Workforce Needs with Software Solutions

Learn how workforce management software can help your organization juggle diverse scheduling needs at scale.

Global Workforce Management: Navigating International Operations with Software Solutions

Discover how to successfully manage an international team with intelligently automated global workforce management software.

Adapt to Changes and Challenges with WFM Software

Explore the role of WFM software and how it boosts productivity, enhances adaptability, and conquers new challenges.

How Businesses That Operate 24/7 Can Plan Shifts Efficiently

Discover how to effectively manage a 24/7 operation with optimal scheduling, increased compliance, and greater employee satisfaction.

Comprehensive Compliance: Navigating Regulatory Challenges in QSR with Workforce Management Software

Discover how QSR workforce management software can transform your quick-service restaurant operations, boosting efficiency and compliance.

Predictive Scheduling: Finding the Right Balance

When companies can predict demand in advance, they can have confidence that the schedules published will meet customers’ and employees’ needs.