Legion InstantPay

Increase retention, enhance employee experience, and support financial well-being

Give your employees the power to access earned wages whenever they need money fast – all through the Legion app they use every day. Supporting financial well-being for employees through effective and responsible access to earned wages has proven to increase employee retention and make recruitment easier.


  • Scale up earned wage access percentage available to employees based on approved clocks, schedules, or pay history
  • Control how you roll out (select users, locations)
  • Give your employees access to wages they’ve earned when they need them while still complying with garnishments or company policies
  • Easy to enroll with simple,  three-click sign-up for employees
  • Provide Earned Wage Access (EWA) through a tool your employees already use regularly – the Legion mobile app has 95% employee engagement on a weekly basis

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Stream wages

  • Give employees early access to earned wages when they need them while still complying with garnishments or company policies
  • Next day transfer, instant transfer 
  • Optional Legion Stream card for zero-fee access to earned wages at the end of every shift

Track wages

  • Employees can keep track of their earnings in real time as they work
  • Employees can use categories to track how they spend their money
  • Businesses drive schedule adherence, improve clock in / clock out behavior, and fill shifts quickly by showing employees how much they’ll make for an open shift

Save wages

  • Employees can stream wages directly to a savings account to make saving automatic
  • Three ways to save with an FDIC-insured bank account – fixed amount from each check, $1, $2, or $5 each time they access earned wages, or save pennies from each shift worked 

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