Legion InstantPay

Give Employees Instant Access to Earned Wages

Support financial well-being and increase retention with access in the same app they use every day – without IT resources.

Legion Wfm Instantpay


Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to support employee financial health and optimize your operational efficiency simultaneously.

Boosts morale and job satisfaction – reduces attrition and accelerates recruiting

Drives schedule adherence by giving workers visibility into potential earnings for open shifts

Helps increase employee savings rates 10x by streaming wages directly to savings

Legion Wfm Instantpay Workforce Sharing
Legion Wfm Instantpay Shift Offer

Empower managers and employees

Scheduling efficiency and employee satisfaction increase with earned wage access. Managers can drive schedule adherence, clock hygiene, and fill shifts faster. Employees can view how much they’ll earn if they pick up a shift and get paid instantly after working it.

Offer a seamless, agile experience

Legion InstantPay is embedded in our WFM platform, so it’s easy for employees to get real-time access to their earned wages through the same mobile app. Companies get fast  adoption and quick time to value. No new apps to learn or IT projects required.

Legion Instantpay Track Wages Screenshot
Legion Instantpay Save Wages Screenshot

Reduce employee financial stress

Employee financial stress contributes to lost productivity and increased turnover. Earned wage access (EWA) empowers employees and supports their financial well-being while helping businesses attract and retain employees.