Legion InstantPay

Give Employees Instant Access to Earned Wages

Support financial well-being and improve operational metrics with Earned Wage Access.

  • Increase productivity and employee engagement by closely linking work and pay in the same app
  • Improve employee financial well-being to reduce stress and turnover
  • Recruit and retain talent with early access to wages
  • No impact on payroll processes
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What Is Earned Wage Access?

Earned Wage Access (EWA) allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages before their scheduled payday. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for hourly workers and is designed to give them greater flexibility and control over their finances.


Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to support employee financial health and optimize operational efficiency simultaneously.

Boosts morale and job satisfaction—reduces attrition and accelerates recruiting

Drives open shift uptake by giving workers visibility into potential instant earnings for open shifts

Improves clock hygiene and on-time performance by almost 70%

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Legion by the Numbers

Legion InstantPay


of people have income fluctuations such that they sometimes earn enough to pay their outgoings and sometimes do not


of people use EWA to replicate a weekly pay cycle as they find it easier to plan and stick to a budget in a shorter time frame


of people use EWA when they have to pay a bill or make an essential purchase


of people use EWA to buy gas or for public transport to travel to/from work


report that their financial situation has either remained stable or improved


reported that they are in a better financial circumstance

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Empower managers and employees

Provide a more balanced income stream

Scheduling efficiency and employee satisfaction increase with Earned Wage Access.

Managers achieve better schedule adherence, clock hygiene, and fill shifts faster.

Employees can view how much they’ll earn if they pick up a shift and get paid instantly after working it.

Offer a seamless, agile experience

One app to connect work and pay

Legion InstantPay is embedded in our WFM platform, so it’s easy for employees to get real-time access to their earned wages through the same mobile app they use daily.

No new apps to learn or payroll projects required.

Companies get fast adoption and quick time to value.

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Reduce employee financial stress

Benefits that today’s workforce wants the most

Employee financial stress contributes to lost productivity and increased turnover.

Earned Wage Access empowers employees and supports their financial well-being while helping businesses attract and retain employees.

Avoid payday loans and bank overdraft fees by accessing wages already earned.

The Benefits to Your Bottom Line

The operational benefits when Earned Wage Access is part of workforce management software can be wide-ranging, including:

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Optimizing Workforce Management

Legion’s WFM Platform enables store operations teams to align workforce scheduling with actual labor demand. Implementing EWA adds another layer of flexibility, allowing employees to balance their work and personal lives more effectively. Employees using EWA work an average of 11% more hours per week than those not using EWA.

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Boosting Employee Morale and Productivity

Immediate access to earned wages can significantly improve employee morale. Legion’s 2023 State of the Hourly Workforce survey showed a 20x increase in demand for EWA solutions by hourly workers over the last 3 years. Happier employees are often more productive and engaged, directly benefiting store operations.

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Improving Customer Service

Employees who are less stressed about their financial situation can focus better on delivering excellent customer service. EWA can contribute to creating a more positive and customer-focused store environment.

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Enhanced Recruitment and Retention

Offering Earned Wage Access can be a compelling benefit to attract new talent and retain existing staff. Legion WFM's approach highlights EWA as a key differentiator in the competitive labor market, helping HR teams to stand out to prospective and current employees. Job listings that mention EWA benefits are filled an average of 27% faster.

FAQs About InstantPay

Earned Wage Access (EWA), also known as Instant Pay, is a financial service that allows employees to access their earned wages before the regular payday. Here are five frequently asked questions about EWA:

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Why Legion?

Legion InstantPay is fully embedded into the Legion app providing real-time access to earned wages in the same app your employees regularly use to check their schedules, record time, manage time off, and more. Studies have shown that while standalone EWA apps see adoption rates of 15-30%, Legion's EWA, deeply embedded in Legion WFM, can deliver significantly higher adoption rates.

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Legion InstantPay users have 72% better clock-in performance than non-users.

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