Strategic Insights

See Trends, Spot Opportunities, Take Action

Get instant insights into employee engagement, manager productivity, labor optimization, and compliance trends.

Legion Wfm Strategic Insights


Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to deliver deep insights and analysis needed to identify, monitor, and manage key trends for better operational decision-making.

Enables instant, accurate analysis automatically that’s synthesized from multiple data sources

Provides rich, pre-built dashboards with schedule, cost, compliance, productivity, and engagement metrics

Identifies opportunities to reward workers, refine training, and monitor workforce engagement

Legion Wfm Strategic Insights Compliance Trends

Get actionable insights you can trust

Out-of-the-box dashboards automatically track trends on employee engagement, manager productivity, labor optimization, and compliance management – and automatically identify opportunities to optimize efficiency.

Maximize employee engagement

Monitor and measure key employee engagement metrics such as onboarded employees, active employees, shifts claimed, swap offers claimed, newsfeed post views, and more – making it easy to see where and how to improve engagement.

Legion Wfm Strategic Insights Employee Engagement
Legion Wfm Strategic Insights Share Dashboard

Make better operational decisions

Legion WFM synthesizes massive volumes of operational data to enable better decision-making, more accurate assessments of performance against objectives, and actionable insights for labor efficiency and employee engagement improvements.