COVID-19 | The Road to Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing every company to reexamine their labor operations. Legion is here to help.
Learn how Legion can help you schedule and manage a healthy workforce.

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AI Powered Workforce Management: Demand Forecasting, Labor Optimization, Auto Scheduling, Employee Engagement, Time and Attendance

AI-Powered workforce management

Legion’s integrated product suite helps companies reduce costs, compliance risks and labor inefficiencies, and boost employee engagement.


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AI-Powered workforce management

Modernize employee experiences while making better decisions with Legion

Demand Forecasting

Legion delivers unprecedented accuracy in demand forecasting thanks to machine learning

  • Integrates events, weather, promotions
  • Feeds one-click scheduling
  • Forecasts continually improve over time

Labor Optimization

Compute optimal labor hours based on forecasted demand and customer labor standards to drive efficient labor plans.

  • Factor demand and fixed tasks
  • See optimal staffing plans
  • Integrate external data like delivery dates

Auto Scheduling

Auto-match business needs with employee preferences, automatically generate compliant schedules.

  • 96 percent of employees preferences matched
  • Labor laws integrated
  • Real-time sync with employee app

Employee Engagement

Mobile app allows employees to indicate scheduling preferences, view upcoming shifts and more.

  • Simple, delightful mobile app
  • Automated, compliant shift swaps
  • Auto-match preferences with schedules

Time & Attendance

Record employee clocks, ensure compliance, automate approvals and integrate with payroll in one system.

  • Auto-computes penalty premiums
  • Automatic flagging, reporting of violations
  • Mobile-enabled kiosk

Legion serves a range of industries

Health & Fitness

Happy employees help you attract and retain guests. Legion increases workforce productivity while engaging staff with sophisticated yet simple-to-use tools.

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Legion ensures your workforce delivers the service your customers desire in the most productive way possible so you can deliver a compelling shopper experience.

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Food Services

Spend more time perfecting recipes and interacting with guests and less time scheduling, time tracking and forecasting with Legion automation.

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Providing exemplary experiences for guests starts with an engaged workforce. Hotels, casinos, cruise lines and others can ramp up efficiency and provide great service with Legion.

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