Reduce risk with automated compliance management, attestation, and audits

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to manage compliance across all jurisdictions. Predictive scheduling and labor laws are automatically applied to the schedule, so managers are instantly warned if their actions or edits introduce risk or violate rules. Time and attendance tracking automatically incorporates compliance rules while computing premium pay.

Compliance Solution Guide

Navigate compliance challenges with confidence

Rely on Legion WFM to automatically ease your burdens with compliance management, attestation, and full auditability.

Get updates on local labor laws

Pre-built compliance templates by city and state automatically manage evolving labor laws. Admins can centrally configure compliance rules, scheduling, and shift collaboration policies.

Reduce the risk of manual errors

Managers get notified instantly when schedule edits increase compliance risk. Legion WFM automatically keeps a complete record of scheduling changes to show multi-year compliance.

Improve hourly employee satisfaction

Automated scheduling ensures predictable schedules, accurate meal and rest breaks, minors schedules, and OT and premium pay.

Automatically Calculate Premiums

Legion Time and Attendance automatically integrates schedules, ensures unplanned clock activity is flagged for managers, and premiums are automatically calculated to stay in compliance.

Ensure schedule predictability

Legion WFM automatically prompts schedule creation at least two weeks in advance. Managers auto-publish schedules to employee’s phones in seconds – showing both shifts and estimated pay.

Confidently manage schedules

Legion WFM automatically factors in local compliance laws for scheduling and meal/rest break regulations – eliminating the burdensome process of manually tracking schedule changes.