Spend more time on people, not administrative tasks

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation of timesheet approvals, corrections, and premium calculations.

  • Legion’s intelligent automation saves managers time with timesheet auto-approvals and schedule-to-clock exception alerts
  • Deep integration with schedules ensures that timesheets and schedules are always aligned
  • Reduce compliance burdens with automatic reporting of violations, automatic computation of premium pay, and support for predictable pay
Legion Wfm Time Attendance


Unburden managers and reduce compliance risks with automated, efficient time and attendance tracking

Automate timecard approvals across all locations and review exceptions only

Schedule-aware timesheets automatically assess schedule change premiums and highlights timeclock-to-schedule variances

Manage compliance automatically with auto alerts, audit trails, and attestation

Legion Workforce Management enables intelligent automation to help managers make better decisions and execute more efficiently. It automates routine scheduling and time and attendance tasks.

Saves managers' time and effort

Legion’s intelligent automation saves managers time with timesheet auto-approvals and schedule-to-clock exception alerts. Deep integration with scheduling ensures alignment of timesheets and schedules.

Automatically apply corrections to close payroll across multiple employees from multiple locations at once.

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Legion Demand Forecasting Today Dash

Provides end-to-end compliance management

Automatically assesses premium pay for overtime, missed breaks, split shifts, the spread of hours, schedule change, clopening, and more.

Restrict early/late/unscheduled clock-ins and automatically track out-of-compliance attendance inputs.

Enable employees to attest to meals and breaks and consent to schedule changes and clopening.

Increases schedule efficiency

Ensure schedule alignment at all times with timesheets and time clocks that are tightly integrated with scheduling.

Manage by exception with automated timesheet approvals.

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Real Time Attendance Past Entries

Real-time attendance visibility

Real-time visibility to understand which employees are supposed to be at work but have yet to clock in.

Increase operational efficiencies by tracking attendance for rosters of all sizes at the moment and at-a-glance.

Ensure adequate staffing and monitor who is absent so managers can make the changes they need in real-time.

The Benefits to Your Bottom Line

Legion intelligently automates time and attendance activities to help organizations achieve transformational results

Automates Everything

Automate Approvals

Save managers time with timesheet auto-approvals and schedule-to-clock exception alerts. On average, 8-10 hours/week saved with auto-computed premium and 1-2 hours/week saved with auto-approved time clock approvals

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Minimize Compliance Risk

End-to-end compliance management from schedule creation through hours paid and employee attestation

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Lower TCO

No costly hardware required. One app for employee clocking, checking schedules, communicating with coworkers, and accessing wages early.

FAQs About Workforce Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance software impacts several areas of business operation. Here are a few commonly asked questions we receive.

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Why Legion?

Controlling costs and navigating the dynamic compliance landscape can be challenging for many companies. While workforce compliance is constantly evolving, how you manage it doesn't have to be so hard. Legion makes achieving full, end-to-end compliance easier with its AI-powered, schedule-aware timekeeping system. All policies are centrally configured during implementation and applied consistently—taking the guesswork out of managing rules and providing prompts for predictive scheduling consent, potential violations, and “clopenings.”

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Legion’s forecast model considered out-of-the-box things other products didn't, such as local events we didn’t even know were happening.

Executive Director of Information Systems, Retail

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