Time & Attendance

Manage employee attendance and payroll with ease


  • Flags and records compliance violations
  • Auto computes premium pay
  • Keep employee consent records
  • Mobile-enabled kiosk on iOS, Android
  • Employee attestation, change requests
  • Payroll integration, employee surveys
  • Supports predictable pay
  • Tip distribution
Time & Attendance Highlights

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Your policies and compliance, integrated

Legion lets you configure policies to meet your business needs and avoid cost overruns with rules like restricting early/late/unscheduled clock-ins. It also automatically tracks out-of-compliance attendance inputs like overtime, meal premiums, clopenings and more.

Mobile-enabled application can be used on multiple devices

The Legion application can be used on Android and iOS tablets or mobile devices. Most customers create a central kiosk to log hours. Employees can also record their time via a web browser on a computer.

Real time visibility, role-based access

Legion auto-aggregates attendance logs with schedules so you can see who has not checked in for work. Managers see total scheduled employees versus clocks, total time sheets approved by managers and can even drill into specific location details to prompt late timecard submissions.

Access even when offline

Employees can still input hours worked if you to have internal network issues to ensure “in the moment” clock-ins and clock outs occur. Once you’re back online, all data is synced.

Integrate with payroll, add post-clock out surveys

Legion integrates with other physical timekeeping systems as well as payroll systems like Workday, Paylocity, ADP, Gusto and more for a quick, seamless pay process. Surveys can also be integrated into the attendance process to gauge employee satisfaction.

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