Time & Attendance

Spend Time on People, Not Administrative Tasks

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation of timesheet approvals, corrections, and premium calculations.

Legion Wfm Time Attendance


Unburden managers and reduce compliance risks with automated, efficient time-and-attendance tracking.

Manage by exception with automated timesheet approvals

Schedule-aware timesheets automatically assess schedule change premiums and highlight timeclock-to-schedule variances

Manage compliance automatically with auto alerts, audit trails, and attestation

Legion Wfm Timesheet Auto Approval 1

Saves managers time and effort

Legion’s Intelligent automation saves managers’ time with timesheet auto-approvals and schedule-to-clock exception alerts. Deep integration with scheduling ensures alignment of timesheets and schedules.

Provides end-to-end compliance management

Automate compliance with premium assessments and labor laws – overtime, predictive scheduling, and split shifts. Restrict early/late/unscheduled clock-ins, automatically track out-of-compliance attendance inputs, and enable employee attestation and full audit trails.

Legion Wfm Timesheet Auto Approval 2
Legion Timesheet App Screen

Increases schedule efficiency

Ensure schedule alignment at all times with timesheets and time clocks that are tightly integrated with scheduling. Track attendance in real-time and automatically reflect schedule changes and also apply rules and compliance.

Real-time attendance visibility

Increase operational efficiencies by tracking attendance at-a-glance for rosters of all sizes, including employees arriving soon, leaving soon, approaching overtime, and more. Download the Real-Time Attendance datasheet to learn more.

Real Time Attendance Past Entries