Modern Cloud Platform Built for Scale & Integration

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to combine deep data science and powerful AI to automatically synthesize thousands of data points for better decision making and faster execution.

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Intelligent Automation with Human Control

Get a modern data pipe that automatically ingests, structures, organizes, and analyzes trillions of data points, including customers’ operational data and syndicated data – creating the optimal labor plan.

Zero downtime, fully secure

Legion WFM is hosted in a highly secure, SOC2-compliant environment, so you can be sure your data is safe. You get 99.95% uptime, unlimited capacity, and 24×7 monitoring and support.

Integrate and scale at minimal cost

Legion’s cloud-based microservices architecture enables auto-scaling and optimal performance without additional capital expenditures. With pre-built connectors into most HRIS and POS systems, Legion WFM works with no hassles and a lower cost of ownership.

Keep control and customize easily

Legion WFM makes it easy to customize your environment for your unique needs – and the platform is designed for self-service configuration, so you can free up valuable IT resources and easily adapt to changing circumstances.

Improve operations

Legion WFM uses machine learning and AI to drive self-learning modules that automatically improve based on changing data patterns.