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Compliance Watch Bulletin and scales of justice

Compliance Watch Bulletin February 2022 – Latest Updates on Labor Laws

We just sent out the sixth edition of Compliance Watch – Legion’s quarterly bulletin about key changes in compliance rules. In this edition, we cover recent and planned updates in Covid-19 vaccine mandates and employee leave laws.

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Continuous Compliance, Simplified

Legion WFM manages the complexities of state and local labor laws while enabling businesses to optimize labor spend and deployment based on highly accurate demand forecasting. That helps companies minimize risk and avoid potential fines for meal and rest breaks, schedule changes, and clopening premium pay.

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A Simple Way to Cut Your Attrition Rate by 5%

Legion WFM is uniquely effective at improving retention rates because it provides a mobile app that dramatically enhances the employee’s experience.

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Legion Named in Retail CIO Radar 2022

We’re honored to be included in Retail Today’s Retail CIO Radar 2022 list for Workforce Management. You can still book a virtual meeting with us to talk about how we can help you transform your workforce management.

Michael Spataro from Legion and Brent Skinner from 3Sixty Insights

Understanding Why There’s a Labor Shortage Now

Michael discussed the labor shortage and why hourly employees are quitting. It’s more than better pay. Employees want to interact with employers the same way they do as customers with every other company in their lives.

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Happy 2022 and the Best of 2021

We wish you a Happy 2022. And as we look back at 2021, we’re very grateful for our customers and partners. We’re pleased we could help hourly workers and businesses manage the challenges of running companies in this stressful time.

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UKG Private Cloud Customers – We’re Here To Help

Legion can help you get back up and running in weeks without intensive migration efforts. Legion’s template-based automated configuration approach to implementation enables lightning-fast deployments – all done remotely. And with the built-in training, your teams can hit the ground running with our powerful and easy-to-use WFM platform and mobile app.

Boost Manager Productivity by 5 Hours per Week and Spend Just Two Minutes to Learn How

Experienced retailers know that a tiny improvement in management productivity can have a huge impact on the bottom line. A recently released Total Economic Impact study by Forrester Research quantifies this relationship, and the result is truly amazing.

Demand Forecasting: Time to Replace Your Crystal Ball with Something Smarter

Accurately forecasting labor demand can make a multi-million-dollar difference to labor costs and impact management productivity, job satisfaction, and retention rates. Here’s a smarter way to optimize it.