2022 State of the Hourly Workforce Survey Report – The Balance of Power Has Shifted to Hourly Employees

June 14, 2022

by Kristin Brennan

2022 State of the Hourly Workforce Report

Legion recently commissioned a survey of more than 1,000 hourly employees and 505 managers in North America looking for actionable insights to help businesses improve the experiences of 73.3 million hourly workers and managers. We published the results in this report, “2022 State of the Hourly Workforce.”

Over the past year, the “Great Resignation” got lots of attention as hourly employees left their jobs in record numbers. Today, there are signs the “Great Resignation” is slowing – but deep dissatisfaction remains. Hourly employees are demanding greater schedule flexibility and control. The survey results showed 97.6% of hourly employees value having some control over their schedules. And Gen Z hourly employees who grew up with mobile apps and instant services are increasingly motivated by newer benefits, such as earned wage access. The survey uncovered a shift in the balance of power, with hourly employees insisting on greater schedule empowerment.

The “Great Resignation” has given hourly employees more power to negotiate for job benefits that support and respect their work/life balance. By proactively addressing workers’ needs, businesses can gain an advantage when attracting, hiring, and retaining employees – improving manager/employee relations and future-proofing their businesses. Conversely, failing to recognize or respond to this trend may damage the company’s reputation among current and prospective employees – particularly younger hourly workers – and create higher risks for labor gaps and attrition.

What Hourly Employees Want and What Motivates Them

When you read the full survey report, you’ll get detailed data on how to attract and retain hourly employees and motivate them to stay at your company.

  • What hourly employees value most, beyond pay
  • What would entice them to take a new job
  • What’s important to Gen Z hourly employees

The survey provided solid evidence that employees recognize and are eager to exercise their steadily increasing power within the work environment. Therefore, to attract and retain hourly employees, businesses must offer a living wage and look beyond pay increases to offer innovative benefits that connect with and empower both hourly employees and managers.

Actions Businesses Can Take Today

Equally important, businesses must find creative ways to future-proof their businesses by proactively improving the work experience for hourly workers and managers. With the ongoing labor shortage and staffing issues, companies must focus on delivering value to employees and new hires beyond pay – leveraging technology to offer benefits, such as premiums for extra shifts and instant access to earned wages.

  • Provide the schedule flexibility and control workers want
  • Use modern perks like earned wage access to attract and retain Gen Z hourly employees
  • Invest in digital communication tools to improve communication between managers and hourly employees

Learn More

Read the full survey report to get all the details. Contact us to talk about how Legion can help you create an empowered employee experience for hourly employees and their managers.