Demand Forecasting

Automatically achieve forecast excellence across all locations


  • Improve and fully automate demand forecasts
  • Achieve new levels of accuracy with continuous improvement through machine learning
  • Automatically integrates thousands of internal and external data points that impact demand, including local events, weather, and more
  • Create optimal labor plans so you can build schedules with one click
  • Understand long-term budgeting needs
  • Develop what-if scenarios for new channels, deploying workers, and more

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Granular forecasts deliver new levels of accuracy

Forecasts are tailored to your specific business at the category or location level. At setup, our data science experts integrate your unique data, staffing policies, and local laws. Legion WFM also automatically syndicates and integrates external data, such as events, weather, and other data that could impact demand, so you know exactly what type of labor you need, every hour of every week.

Achieve better results

Legion WFM has a fully automated infrastructure that handles the end-to-end data ingestion process, model (re)training, and forecast generation to help even the largest organizations achieve new levels of data accuracy.

Machine learning continuously improves accuracy

Legion’s advanced Machine Learning based forecast engine automatically learns many types of time-based patterns and automatically adjusts for seasonality and holidays. Forecast results are monitored and compared with projections to retrain the Machine Learning model and continually improve.

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