Demand Forecasting

More data science, less manual forecasting = 14% higher labor efficiency


  • Rely on fully-automated labor forecasts that are 98% accurate
  • Get workload forecasts in 15-minute increments, by-location 
  • Identify peak period and lull time 
  • Forecast business demand in dollars, transactions, foot traffic, or other variants 
  • Factor in your unique labor model and staffing policies 
  • Machine learning continually uses and learns from thousands of data points 
  • Integrates with major traffic counters, point of sale, and HRMS software

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Granular forecasts deliver new levels of precision

Forecasts are tailored to your specific business and locations. Local events, weather, promotions, and more are factored, in 15-minute increments, so you know exactly what type of labor is needed every hour you're open. Plus, you can integrate your unique staffing policies and local laws.

Understand peaks and lulls

Legion WFM identifies lulls in labor needs and decreases staffing projections accordingly. You get an easy-to-understand visual display of the forecast, and then you create schedules with one click, which saves 3-4 hours per location.

Machine learning continually improves accuracy

Legion uses machine learning, which can detect patterns without being programmed. Over 50 algorithms and data sets are evaluated until the best performing model is identified. Results are monitored against projections to continually improve.

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