Demand Forecasting

Continuously Improves & Adapts to Your Business

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to precisely predict demand across all customer touchpoints, every 15 minutes.

Legion Wfm Demand Forecasting


Improve business agility, accuracy, and labor efficiency – automatically.

Higher precision for better results: automated ingestion and analysis of 1000s of data points

Continuously improve demand forecasts and adapt to evolving business conditions

Accurate forecasts at several levels – channel, location, or SKU – in 15-minute increments

Legion by the Numbers

Demand Forecasting


Data sets in production


Data points input


Data points output


Machine-learning models trained


Weekly forecasts generated

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Legion’s forecast model considered out-of-the-box things other products didn't, such as local events we didn’t even know were happening.

Executive director of information systems, retail

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Granular, accurate, automated forecasts

Granular, accurate, forecasts that continuously improve. Legion WFM synthesizes historical and current information about how customers buy – understanding and incorporating the impact of demand drivers and future events such as weather or holidays.

Operate with greater agility

Automatically adapt to business changes. Demand Forecasting continuously improves as new data is available. Updated forecasts and labor guidance are instantly generated while allowing human intervention.

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Optimized labor planning

With Legion WFM auto-generated, highly accurate demand forecasts, you get optimal labor plans, budgets, and schedules across all touchpoints, freeing managers to spend more time with employees and customers – resulting in happier employees and increased revenue.