Demand Forecasting

More science and less art in forecasting


  • Automatically learns patterns from the past and applies them to the future
  • New levels of granularity in forecasts that were not historically feasible
  • Incorporates external data e.g., local events, weather, seasonality
  • Factors customer-specific models, promotions, forecasts by item or sales
  • Machine learning-driven, utilizing 50+ proprietary ML models
  • Peak and lull period identification

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Granular forecasts deliver new levels of precision

Forecasts are tailored to your specific business and locations. Local events, weather, promotions and more are factored, in 30-minute increments, so you know exactly what type of labor is needed every hour you are open. Plus, you can integrate your unique staffing policies and local laws.

Understand peaks and lulls

Legion identifies lulls in labor needs and decreases staffing projections accordingly, then marries these with easy-to-understand visuals. Once the forecast is created, schedules are created with just a simple click to save you hours. And headaches.

Machine learning continually retrained = more positive outcomes

Legion uses machine learning, which can detect patterns without being programmed. Over 50 algorithms and feature sets are evaluated until the best performing model is determined. Results are monitored against projections to continually improve.

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