Frontline Communications

Unlock the power of digital communications for hourly employees

Legion Frontline Communications removes barriers to entry that previously prevented businesses from extending communication tools to frontline hourly employees.

Now, you can modernize how you reach your frontline employees. And offer them a place to communicate and connect with peers – without the compliance risks associated with off-clock access or cost of providing email addresses to hourly employees. All with full moderation tools to address and remove any inappropriate behavior or comments.

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  • Modern communication tools for frontline employees, including Newsfeed, Chat, and context-sensitive communications
  • Part of Legion WFM and accessed via the same mobile app that 95% of customers’ employees use weekly to access schedules, swap shifts, and other requests
  • Compliant, schedule-aware communications and powerful moderation tools – all user-generated content can be moderated. Schedule and time clock data is leveraged to mitigate the risk of off-the-clock activity.
  • Extend communications and reach your hourly employees where they are in an instant without having to provide email addresses to hourly employees, open firewalls, or extend MDM to devices.
  • Share information faster by sending a message once that reaches all relevant employees
  • Verify your employees got the message and track engagement through detailed reporting
  • Turn 1-way communication into 2-way engagement with features like commenting and thumbs up

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  • Replace or complement in-store boards and reach employees where they are
  • Build culture by sharing company news, leadership communications, and highlighting top performers
  • Share policy and health updates to all field locations or just specific locations or roles
  • Measure your reach through reporting on posts, views, comments, reactions
  • Set viewing, posting, and editing permissions by role and enable or disable reactions and comments on posts

Chat messaging

  • Supports group messaging or one-to-one
  • Facilitate employee/managers interactions when they can’t meet face-to-face
  • Enable employees to contact each other in a secure, auditable channel
  • Define specific recipients or use pre-defined communication groups by roles, locations, and titles
  • Snap and attach photos
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Content Moderation

  • Employees can report questionable content
  • Flexible moderation permissions lets you choose who should be responsible for moderating content
  • Moderators have access to “Moderation Hub” and are notified as soon as employees report content
  • Full audit log of post edits and moderation actions

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