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Powering the Future of Work

Legion culture is fast-paced, flat and ownership-driven. Our employees work directly with senior leaders, ideate, implement new things and play a critical role in delivering our next gen workforce management platform

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Commit to the mission and to each other

We are in this together. We have the potential to improve the largest segment of the workforce in the world. As an inspired team taking on a large mission, we need to work together and rely on each other to make it happen.

Focus on Quality

We must be customer focused. We provide mission-critical solutions for both employers and employees. We cannot let our customers down.

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Think Big

We are uniquely positioned to revolutionize how people work. This is a unique canvas for innovation. Big ideas are needed to affect real change. We welcome the challenge!

Be Innovative

We are delivering solutions that represent a whole new playbook for the future of work. We must re-think everything from technology and design to customer interaction and sales. The status quo is broken. We are here to fix it.

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Be Open

The challenges ahead of us are not for the faint of heart or mind. We will succeed through open communication and collaboration. We ask for help. We are transparent in our feedback. We are open with one another.

Happy Employees

Ou-Dan Peng

Ou-Dan Peng

Sr. Director of Product

I'm excited to work at Legion because we have a great team committed to each other and the mission of helping hourly workers have good jobs. I’m focused on making hourly workers’ lives a little easier by giving them mobile access to their schedules, swapping shifts, and communicating with their teammates, so they can balance work and life. My work directly helps hourly workers I meet every day when I pick up a coffee at Philz and take a class at Barry's Bootcamp.

Cynthia Cazares

Cynthia Cazares

Customer Success Manager

My favorite part about working at Legion is we commit to the company's values, especially committing to the team. I love the sense of camaraderie between each and every one of my team members – whether they're on my team or not. People here are always willing to help each other reach their personal goals and the company objectives. This environment drives you to want to do the same for everyone, co-workers and customers included. That's a big differentiator between Legion and other companies out there – committing to the mission and each other!

Kristin Brennan

Kristin Brennan

VP of Marketing

I joined Legion because I believe in the mission of improving the lives of hourly workers. Legion is giving hourly workers more control over their schedules as well as providing them with modern tools and gig-like flexibility. At the same time, organizations benefit by optimizing their labor spend and having happier, more committed workers. It’s a win-win.

Casey Castellanos

Casey Castellanos

Director, Demand Generation

I enjoy working with an incredible team here at Legion who are passionate, thoughtful, innovative, empathetic, and, simply put, are just good people. Our AI-based WFM platform is a game-changer, not just for retailers but also for hourly workers. We’re enabling employees to gain more control over their work schedules while employers spend less time managing manual schedules. And as a result, we get happy customers from both ends of the spectrum. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Legion team and mission.

Thomas Joseph

Thomas Joseph

Head of Data Science

As I met the Legion team, I got to share in the passion and excitement of talented individuals whose work experience complements one another, and who have fun working together. So now I get to work on cutting edge technology to solve a meaningful problem and be a part of a great team at the same time. Who could ask for anything more?