Provide exemplary guest experiences while managing expenses

A fine eye for detail in hospitality often dictates success. Likewise, Legion labor demand forecasts leave nothing to chance. With Intelligent Automation, you get highly specific forecasts for each location, combined with a self-service employee app that helps reduce attrition, so you always provide the right staff at the right time, at the right place.

Legion Wfm Hospitality

Optimize labor efficiency and empower employees

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to streamline labor operations, improve employee engagement, and free managers to focus on customers.

Precisely predict demand

Rely on Legion demand forecasts to deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy and factor in your unique drivers to predict peak periods, reduce staffing costs, and maximize revenue.

Automatically schedule the right employees

Assign badges for relevant skills, performance, or other attributes about each employee, such as key holders or trainers, for easy employee categorization and scheduling.

Empower your workforce

Give employees gig-like schedule flexibility and control. Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to automatically match business needs with employee skills and preferences that are shared in the Legion mobile app.

Give managers actionable insights

Coach employees and give kudos for stellar performance. District managers rely on insights about budget guidance, timesheet approval metrics, and compliance violation reporting.

Reduce administrative overhead

Automated approval of routine timesheets and employee requests based on predefined rules dramatically reduces administrative overhead, so managers can focus on exceptions.

Let employees work across multiple locations

Fill schedule gaps and increase employee earning potential. Automatically get the best employees for shifts based on location preferences, compliance requirements, and budget constraints.