Getting Workforce Management Right

June 2, 2022

by Loree Miller

How Legion Wfm Gets Workforce Management Right

Retailers are struggling to address the demand for hourly employees. And as they expand their operational channels to include in-store, online, and curbside pickup, they still have to accurately predict demand across all channels, match business needs with employee work preferences, and attract and retain hourly employees. And they canā€™t do that with legacy workforce management software.

Top Obstacles

In our infographic, Getting Workforce Management Right, we reported the top obstacles captured in the Legion Survey, July 2021.

#1 Creating schedules poses challenges for retail managers

  • 45% of managers find that matching employee preferences and availability with business needs is the hardest part of creating and maintaining schedules
  • Those managers are burdened with manual processes, including
    • 35% ā€“ managing callouts and no-shows
    • 29% ā€“ approving employee-initiated shift swaps and schedule changes
    • 18% ā€“ approving employee punches and timesheets
    • 12% ā€“ approving requests for time off
    • 6% ā€“ various other issues

#2 Outdated communication between employees and managers

  • 73% of employees use manual methods like calls, texts, and email to notify their managers of unexpected schedule changes
  • Often employees make contact after their shift which means managing callouts and no-shows is even more difficult and time-consuming for managers

Legion WFM Helps Retailers Get Workforce Management Right

AI-powered workforce management software helps retailers optimize labor efficiency, improve productivity, and increase manager and employee satisfaction. Using Legion WFM, businesses can:

  • Automatically generate employee schedules based on business needs and parameters, including sales and transaction patterns, store traffic, historical data, budget constraints, employee skills, and compliance requirements
  • Ensure that schedules match business needs and employee preferences
  • Increase manager satisfaction with 50% time savings to create and maintain schedules
  • Give employees an easy-to-use mobile app that makes employee-manager communication seamless
  • Empower employees by giving them input on their schedules and easier access so they can get more hours by swapping shifts, claiming open shifts, and updating schedule preferences anytime

Learn More

Get all of the details on how Legion WFM helps businesses get workforce management right. Download the complete infographic to learn more.