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Predictable Scheduling Laws: The Seven Necessary Ingredients to Master Compliance with Ease

Provided you let technology handle the rest.

Know the basic principles of hourly labor compliance and use technology to manage the many different laws.

Predictable …

The Brave New World of the Experience Economy

The Impact of Experiential Retail

Twenty years ago, Joseph Pine and James H. Gilmore published an influential article in the Harvard Business Review titled “Welcome …

How AI, Machine Learning and Big Data are Transforming Both Work and Workplaces

The future of work is a hot topic now. Experts in all fields that touch the workplace regularly give their opinions on the transformation that …

It’s time for a mindset shift when it comes to labor scheduling

The market for hourly work has changed more in the last five years than it had in the prior 50. Unemployment is at historic lows. …

How Legion’s AI automates scheduling

Many people don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect employee schedule. And maybe there isn’t — but Legion brings things pretty close. A …

CEO Sanish Mondkar on Why Legion? Why Now?

Labor is the big challenge of our times that impacts everyone, but in particular, the 78M hourly employees in the US, who represent approximately 56% …

Legion raises 10.5M Series A

Legion Debuts Intelligent Workforce Engagement Platform with $10.5 Million in Series A led by Norwest Venture Partners