Labor Optimization

Computes optimal labor hours to drive efficient schedules


  • AI-based workload computation
  • Granular, task-based labor modeling with down-to-the-minute increments
  • Staffing guidance visualizations
  • Integrate external data like truck delivery times

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Advanced, up-to-the-minute task calculations save time

Legion computes optimal labor hours based on forecasted demand and customer labor standards to drive efficient labor plans and better schedules. We empower managers with staffing guidance visuals and labor insights.

Factors demand-based and fixed tasks

Certain tasks happen consistently, like opening and closing, cleaning and cash reconciliation are fixed. We know they occur each day at the same time. Other, demand-based tasks like merchandising that’s dependent on truck delivery days or register jobs that fluctuate based on sales are more complex. Legion handles both types of tasks with ease and can integrate external data such as truck deliveries and POS data so you can accommodate last minute changes.

Apply your specific rules

Legion integrates your labor standards and can support tasks at down-to-the minute granularity while providing self-service controls that let you adjust tasks and roles to fit your business needs and feed Legion’s automated scheduling tool.

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