Labor Optimization

Automatically generates the optimal labor plan

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to empower managers with staffing guidance and labor insights.

  • Stay within budget, maximize labor law compliance, and provide the best schedules for your employees.
  • Create granular, down-to-the-minute task-based labor modeling across all channels automatically.
  • Highly accurate forecasts combined with optimized labor plans are used to automatically generate quality schedules that meet business requirements and employee needs
Legion Wfm Labor Optimization


Instantly predict the number of employees and skills needed every 15, 30, and 60 minutes daily – resulting in better customer service and reduced labor costs.

Automatically includes flexible workloads, such as restocking or inventory, without human intervention

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to empower managers with staffing guidance and labor insights

Seamlessly integrates external data from WMS, POS, task management, and other systems

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"Optimizing labor spend is critical for retailers, and often, improvements are measured in basis points. Legion WFM helped this retailer achieve a 500 basis point improvement in labor efficiency across thousands of its stores. This improvement in workload efficiency enables them to reinvest that labor to serve customers better and increase customer satisfaction. ‘There are very few projects that have that high a level of impact,’ "

Director of Store Operations, - National Discount Retailer

Save time with automation

Instantly create schedules that meet your objectives.

Automatically computes optimal labor hours based on precisely forecasted demand and customer labor standards. Drives efficient labor plans, giving you more insight into long-term and short-term labor demand with less effort.

Get insights on the impact of adding or removing shifts on meeting demand, budgets, and compliance.

Legion Wfm Automated Computations
Legion Wfm Staffing Guidance Labor Insights

Empower managers with actionable insights

Optimize labor efficiencies and employee experience simultaneously

Provide a more fine-grained view of scheduling shift increments than legacy tools. Automatically accounts for all types of workloads – routine and flexible – with the same level of granularity, providing actionable insights for labor planning.

See the total cost of the schedule, where the gaps are between scheduled hours, demand and employee preferences, and automatically adjust to meet objectives.

Automatically improve compliance

Minimize risk and avoid potentially costly fines

Pre-loaded, frequently updated compliance templates and business rules help ensure schedules follow labor laws, and use optimal labor plans to automatically generate fully compliant schedules that match employee skills and preferences with business needs in a single click.

Automate compliance with minor labor laws by tailoring rules based on each employee's age and local jurisdiction.

Legion Wfm Automatic Compliance

The Benefits to Your Bottom Line

Legion’s Labor Optimization Product allows you to create granular, down-to-the-minute labor modeling across all channels automatically.

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Improved Performance

Improve store performance and employee engagement by automatically creating labor plans and schedules that meet business and employee needs 96% of the time.

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Optimized Labor

Built-in compliance flags and templates enable companies to optimize labor and decrease costly unplanned overtime hours, on average, by 10%.

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Maximized Productivity

Maximize productivity by automatically scheduling variable tasks like restocking during times throughout the day when customer demand may have dropped.

FAQs About Labor Optimization

Labor Optimization software impacts several areas of business operation. Here are a few common questions we receive.

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Why Legion?

Legion provides a more granular view of scheduling shift increments than legacy tools. Its Labor Optimization seamlessly manages both routine and flexible workloads, delivering insights for labor planning. Labor standards and tasks integrate seamlessly, with self-service controls to modify tasks and roles, supporting Legion's Automated Scheduling.

With Legion’s workforce optimization capabilities, one organization could reduce its overtime pay by 7% to 10% over three years.

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