Automated Scheduling

One-click scheduling saves 6-8 hours per week


  • AI-driven optimization automatically generates optimal schedules, targeted offers
  • Schedules created in fewer than 30 seconds
  • Continually learns from “good” edits
  • Factors labor compliance rules, business policies
  • Configurable rules engine
  • Complete schedule, revision history
  • Ensures fair allocation of work

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Control labor spending

Labor costs comprise a large amount of any businesses’ spending. Legion creates schedules that honor budgets – whether defined upfront or tweaked by managers on the fly. It has a simple interface, powered by advanced AI-based computations that generate schedules within your parameters.

Schedule the best employee for the job

Legion has built-in productivity metrics, so you can see and schedule top performers during peak periods or special events. Employees can also be scheduled across multiple locations. Plus, you can assign badges like key holders or service pro for easy categorization to ensure your customers are satisfied.

Meet regulations while saving time

Automated schedules are intuitive and easy to edit, so your labor needs are covered no matter the circumstance. Last-minute call out? Create Open Shift offers in seconds, so volunteers can pick up extra hours and even work across several locations.

Remove compliance burdens

Compliance templates for all states are pre-loaded in Legion WFM and are automatically applied to new stores and locations. Schedules automatically factor in predictable pay laws and built-in visual flags indicate out-of-compliance areas as schedules are modified, so you avoid costly fines later.

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