Employee Performance and Rewards

Engage and retain your frontline employees

Enabling hourly workforce managers to assess employee performance in a quantifiable way helps them to engage and retain employees. By giving hourly employees insights and feedback on their performance and development areas, they can improve their skills and be motivated to grow with your company.

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  • Measure employee performance: automatically compute rewards and infraction points based on daily work data from Legion WFM
  • Gamification leaderboard: create leaderboards that offer challenges and report performance with automatic updates to drive motivation
  • Reward top performers: automatically send messages, give rewards to recognize employees based on performance

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Legion Performance Rewards Admin Global Badge Dialog

HR Team Capabilities

  • Define global and regional templates that managers can use to apply consistent employee assessments based on objective performance data
  • Create custom metrics or select from a broad array of performance indicating data points captured in Legion WFM
  • Fine-tune the right performance metrics, scoring rules, and reward badges for your company Use Customizable Skill and
  • Rewards badges to unlock special awards and recognize team members

Manager Capabilities

  • Track employee performance and rewards on a leaderboard-style dashboard
  • View and manage employee performance by work role with custom assessment periods
  • Use trend analysis to identify challenges and opportunities for your team
  • Review and adjust scores for team members
  • Manage performance trends in the moment with real-time data
  • Gamify employee performance and inspire positive behavior through leaderboards
Legion Performance Rewards Manager Attendance Insights
Legion Performance Rewards Employee Tab Badges

Employee Capabilities

  • View real-time, ongoing performance metrics on the dashboard
  • Earn rewards and badges for meeting performance criteria
  • View performance scoring and history to better understand expectations, benchmark performance, and identify opportunities for development

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