Employee Performance and Rewards

Increase Retention with Performance Recognition & Rewards

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to engage and motivate hourly employees with instant feedback and recognition to help them grow and feel valued.

Legion Wfm Performance Rewards


Give hourly employees feedback on their performance and augment their annual reviews to identify development areas and empower them.

Build trust with transparent fair, equitable, and quantifiable performance metrics

Use gamification to engage employees and increase motivation through challenges and rewards

Automatically send messages and give rewards to recognize employees based on performance

Legion Wfm Performance Rewards Employee Tab Scores
Legion Performance Rewards Admin Global Badge Dialog

HR: more consistent evaluations

Define global and regional templates that managers can use to apply consistent employee assessments, create custom metrics or select Legion WFM performance-indicator data points, fine-tune performance metrics, scoring rules, and reward badges for your company.

Managers: higher engagement and loyalty

Track employee performance and rewards on a dashboard, create custom assessment periods by work role, identify challenges and opportunities for your team, manage performance trends with real-time data, and gamify performance to inspire positive behavior.

Performance and Rewards
Legion Wfm Performance Rewards Employee Tab

Employees: better communication

View real-time, ongoing performance metrics on the dashboard, earn rewards and badges for meeting performance criteria, and view performance scoring and history to better understand expectations, monitor performance, and identify development opportunities.