Employee Performance and Rewards

Increase Retention by Recognizing Performance & Rewarding Employees

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to engage and motivate hourly employees with instant feedback and recognition to help them grow and feel valued.

  • Key metrics in Legion and external systems automatically measure employees' daily performance
  • Give prompt feedback based on objective data captured and scored in Legion
  • Promote fairness in scheduling to reduce grievances and boost morale
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Give hourly employees feedback on their performance and augment their annual reviews to identify development areas and empower them.

Build trust with transparent, fair, equitable, and quantifiable performance metrics.

Use gamification to engage employees and increase motivation through challenges and rewards.

Automatically send messages and give rewards to recognize employees based on performance.

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Schedule flexibility, recognition and rewards, and getting paid early are becoming must-have benefits for those looking to recruit and retain hourly employees. With modern workforce management, offering these perks doesn’t need to cost more. Employers can maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously.

What can employers do to help attract and retain employees? A new study by Legion surveyed 1,513 hourly workers and 628 managers in North America and sought to answer this question.

Legion by the Numbers

Legion Performance and Rewards


want greater schedule flexibility


want greater recognition and rewards


want the ability to get paid early


want better tools for communication

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Human Resources: Set KPIs that matter for your company

Align core performance with your values

Define global and regional templates that managers can use to apply consistent employee assessments based on objective performance data

Create custom metrics or select from a broad array of performance indicating data points captured in Legion WFM

Fine-tune the right performance metrics, scoring rules, and reward badges for your company

Use customizable skill and rewards badges to unlock special awards and recognize team members

Managers: Team performance is just a click away

Build performance tracking into your daily routine

Track employee performance and rewards on a leaderboard-style dashboard

View and manage employee performance by work role with custom assessment periods

Use trend analysis to identify challenges and opportunities for your team

Review and adjust scores for team members

Manage performance trends in the moment with real-time data

Gamify employee performance and inspire positive behavior through leaderboards

Performance and Rewards
Legion Wfm Performance Rewards Employee Tab

Employees: Gamify the employee experience

Track your progress over time

View real-time, ongoing performance metrics on the dashboard

Earn rewards and badges for meeting performance criteria

View performance scoring and history to better understand expectations, benchmark performance, and identify opportunities for development

The Benefits to Your Bottom Line

Improve employee engagement while boosting labor optimization simultaneously with a data-driven rewards programs

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Unbiased Evaluations

Objective data unbiasedly reflects an employee’s performance, eliminating favoritism or unintentional biases.

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Clear KPIs

With clear metrics, employees know what’s expected of them. This clarity promotes efficiency and self-motivation.

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Accurate Feedback

Objective data allows for precise areas of improvement, helping employees grow and evolve in their roles.

FAQs About Performance & Rewards Software

Improve employee engagement while boosting labor optimization simultaneously with a data-driven rewards programs

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Why Legion?

Legion Performance and Rewards helps managers change how they engage and reward their frontline workers. Legion Workforce Management (WFM) automatically provides managers with key datasets that measure an employee’s performance daily, so they can recognize and reward them. Managers can share performance using leaderboards and gamification to motivate employees further.

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