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Legion WFM helps you schedule the right staff at the right time to increase sales. Provide the best experience for all shoppers whether they buy online and pick-up in store or shop in person.

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Legion’s ML forecasting cut through the noise to deliver forecasts over 60% more accurate than previous best-in-class formulas.

Director of Workforce Operations, National Discount Retailer

Optimize Store Execution & Empower Associates

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to optimize revenue and enhance the associate, manager, and customer experience.

Drives efficiencies across all customer touchpoints

Legion WFM automatically incorporates historical and ongoing demand drivers and future events, ensuring the right employees are on the job to provide a frictionless customer experience.

Optimize scheduling to increase revenue

Built-in productivity metrics help you automatically schedule top performers during peak periods, increasing conversion rates, maximizing sales, and delivering a great customer experience.

Unburden managers to focus on what matters most

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to dramatically reduce overhead, giving managers powerful tools to manage labor, automate decision-making and schedule management, and improve compliance.

Gig-like flexibility for associates, automatically

Give greater control with automated self-service shift swaps and claims. Better communications and earned wage access in an easy-to-use mobile app they use everyday for scheduling.

Reduce compliance headaches

Fair, predictable schedules and paid premiums are easy with pre-built compliance templates and business rules. Automatically create fully compliant schedules.

Reduce overstaffing

Legion WFM automatically computes the minimum labor necessary to meet forecasted demand and accounts for labor not directly related to customer service, such as restocking and inventory.

Scheduling for flexible workloads

Automatically includes flexible workloads, such as restocking or inventory, without human intervention. Provides a more fine-grained view of scheduling shift increments than legacy tools.

Share employees across retail locations

Optimize your workforce to cover critical needs during projected peak periods while avoiding costly overtime, protecting service levels, and offering flexibility for hourly employees.

Legion by the Numbers

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reduction in scheduling time