Fill in coverage gaps and give employees gig-like flexibility

Legion WFM offers powerful, fully automated options for sharing employees among locations for labor efficiency, while ensuring scheduling policies and compliance rules are met. It also provides additional options for employees to earn wages without trading convenience.

Legion Wfm Automate Workforce Sharing

Improve labor efficiency and utilization

Fill schedule gaps and increase employee earning potential with shared shift opportunities.

Automatically schedule employees from other locations

Legion WFM’s multi-location optimization process automatically assigns employees across locations, based on business needs and employee skills and preferences, during schedule generation.

Send targeted shift offers to fill schedule gaps

Instantly matches business needs with employee skills and preferences. Get the best employees based on location preferences, compliance requirements, and budget constraints.

Empower employees with location flexibility

Give employees greater schedule flexibility and earnings potential. Employees can choose their primary work location and others – making it easier to balance personal and work commitments.

Fill open shifts faster

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to offer open shifts to employees who are available for the time and location – ensuring peak-hour shifts are given priority.

Remain compliant

Legion WFM’s intelligent automation ensures overtime, premium pay, clopening, meal breaks, and other labor regulations are factored in across locations and jurisdictions.