Deliver a memorable member experience

Whether you’re offering classes or an entire gym experience, Legion WFM helps you focus on the important things – offering a healthy outlet for your members and experiencing club culture – while reducing the time you spend on cumbersome tasks like scheduling, time tracking, and labor forecasting.

Legion Wfm Health Fitness

Optimize employee and member experience

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to empower employees and optimize schedule flexibility and communications.

Accurately determine peak workout periods

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to accurately predict demand down to 15-minute increments –  ensuring you have the right staff in place to provide a great member experience.

Schedule employees across locations

Easily share trainers and staff across all locations to optimize coverage. With Legion Automated Scheduling, you can cover open shifts during peak periods.

Let employees work at multiple clubs

Offer the easy-to-use Legion mobile app, so employees can indicate scheduling and location preferences – allowing you to shift staff to different locations avoiding costly overtime pay.

Track staff productivity with analytics

Use a variety of analytics and reports to make fact-based decisions and continually improve results by tracking workforce productivity – scheduling matches, forecast accuracy, and KPIs.

Seamlessly manage club tasks

Run your club smoothly with precise task and role definitions. Rely on accurate labor models to fully leverage your staff, including maintenance, sales, instruction, front desk, and more.

Ease compliance burdens

Rely on pre-loaded compliance rules and alerts to help you ensure you have predictable schedules, meal and rest breaks, minors properly scheduled, and accurate OT and premium pay.