Labor Budgeting

Accurate budgeting that’s aligned with your operating labor model

Enable finance and planning teams to easily create and enforce labor budgets – using accurate, long-term forecasts powered by machine learning and incorporating labor models, wage rates, and other rules used for executing weekly schedules.

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Legion Labor Budgeting

Key Features

  • Increase long-range labor budget accuracy by creating budget plans based on accurate, granular demand forecasts powered by machine learning and rooted by optimized labor plans used in the weekly schedule.
  • Location-hierarchy-based access allows the option of bottom-up input and visibility. For example, you can allow districts to enter their operating hours, create and submit their budget scenarios.
  • Model what-if scenarios by explicitly adjusting the inputs, such as sales, traffic, channel mix, location variables, and/or directly adjusting the total budget hours.
  • Option to automatically apply labor budget constraints to the automatically generated weekly schedule.

Create Long-Range Labor Budgets

  • Budget planners can create labor budgets centrally at HQ or bottom-up from the field level, leverage machine learning-powered forecasts and existing date-effective configurations
  • Specify budget plan duration: max 12 month planning period, up to 18 months in advance.
  • Review and update inputs to create a top-down budget for all locations or review roll-up of bottom-up budgets when each region or district submits its budget for review.
Labor Budgeting Scenario
Adjust Budget

Manage Budget Inputs and Outputs

  • Easily edit the inputs to model various budget scenarios
  • Option to use Legion forecasted demand or externally loaded demand
  • Apply the same labor models as in weekly schedules
  • Export the budget output labor hours to review, approve, and set budget in effect

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