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Optimize labor efficiency and enhance the employee experience simultaneously

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Legion’s industry-leading, AI-powered WFM platform optimizes labor efficiency and employee experience simultaneously – at scale.

Attracting and retaining critical frontline hourly employees requires new thinking and modern solutions that achieve your business outcomes and enhance employee experience.

Our data-driven WFM approach produces highly accurate forecasts, schedule automation, and actionable insights so you can control labor costs, increase productivity, and minimize your compliance risk.

At the same time, Legion transforms the frontline employee experience - through schedule empowerment, early access to earned wages, and modern communications – so you can attract and retain employees.

As a result, businesses that use Legion WFM have achieved 13x ROI, cut scheduling time in half, and have over 95% employee adoption – ensuring a successful workforce management transformation.


  • 13x ROI that’s been proven by Forrester Research based on Legion WFM customers
  • Proven AI that delivers optimized labor forecasts and perfect-match schedules
  • Fully automated granular demand forecasts at new levels of precision for greater labor efficiency
  • 100% cloud-native with pre-built integrations and no upgrades costs
  • Modular approach enables you to augment or replace an existing WFM solution
  • 95% employee adoption of the Legion app results in higher employee retention
  • Lightning-fast deployments at scale – 3-month go-live and fast time to value
Jordan Fontini

Jordan Fontini

Director of Operations, SoulCycle

“The biggest benefit is saving time for our managers so they can do business-critical activities like build their ridership in the community, train their staff, grow their teams—the time savings for managers is critical.”

Traci Rubin

Traci Rubin

Director of Human Resources, SMCP

“Legion has completely transformed our organization. It has improved our employee's engagement by supporting their preferences, and 100% of them use the mobile app. It’s also given back time to our managers and made scheduling cool again!”

Director of Workforce Operations

National Discount Retailer

“Legion’s product roadmap begins where others end. Their modern architecture enables the engineering and product teams to focus on building new features: staying ahead of legislation, tuning AI and Machine Learning (ML) to drive efficiency, and building features that directly engage our workforce.”

David Collignon

David Collignon

SVP of Operations, Blink Fitness

”Legion's technology can determine exactly what's needed at any given time, on any given day, at any given Blink Location to meet our member's needs.”

Labor Budgeting

The Legion Labor Budgeting module enables Legion WFM to create labor budgets using accurate, long-term forecasts powered by machine learning, as well as operating hours, labor models, wage rates, and other rules used to execute weekly schedules. Budgets can be fine-tuned using templates and what-if models and then set for automatic execution with Legion Automated Scheduling.

Demand Forecasting

The Legion WFM demand forecasting engine automatically delivers consistent, accurate forecasts week after week. Powered by machine learning, it ensures that accuracy is scalable and automatically generates consistent results across all your locations.

Labor Optimization

Automatically generated, highly accurate demand forecasts are used to create an optimal labor plan. No more mapping between labor models that are used by finance for forecasting and by operations for scheduling.

Automated Scheduling

Create AI-optimized schedules in a single click. Employee preferences and skills are matched automatically with the optimized labor forecast, compliance requirements, and custom staffing policies to create fully-compliant, perfect-match schedules.

Reduce turnover and improve the employee experience by giving employees greater control over their schedules with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Time and Attendance annimation

Time & Attendance

Easily record, monitor, and track time and attendance on the web or with a smart kiosk. Legion WFM integrates seamlessly with leading payroll systems or POS systems.

Frontline Communications

Legion Frontline Communications enables businesses to transform how they communicate with employees by removing barriers that have prevented businesses from providing communications tools to their hourly employees. Legion Frontline Communications offers a complete set of modern tools designed specifically to allow frontline hourly employees to communicate and connect with peers and managers.

Legion Frontline Communications
Legion Instantpay

Legion InstantPay

Legion InstantPay gives your employees the power to access earned wages whenever they need them – all through the Legion app they use every day. Supporting financial well-being for employees through effective and responsible access to earned wages has proven to increase employee retention and make recruitment easier.

Performance and Rewards

Legion Performance and Rewards automatically measures employee performance and computes rewards or infraction points to objectively measure an employee’s daily performance. Managers can effortlessly evaluate and reward high performers, while in-app leaderboards gamify the employee experience to help drive motivation.

Performance and Rewards

Strategic Insights

Get deep insights into your operational efficiency and the employee experience through rich dashboards and powerful analytics - no implementation required.

Control Center

Streamline operational management and accelerate time to value with Legion WFM self-service configuration and controls.

Legion dashboard


Easily integrate your existing environment with our multi-tenant, cloud-based microservices architecture. Our platform is enterprise-ready with SOC-2 certification, 24x7 support, and zero-downtime upgrades.

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