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Maximize Labor Efficiency and Employee Engagement Simultaneously

“Next-gen WFM presents a compelling opportunity to support business transformation.”
– Gartner®

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Legion Workforce Management

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation across the entire workforce management process continuum by continuously learning from data, leveraging AI, and providing an engaging user experience.

Strategic Insights Learn More
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Strategic Insights

Get instant insights into employee engagement, manager productivity, labor optimization, and compliance trends.

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Labor Budgeting

Combine accurate long-term demand forecasts with your detailed labor model and scheduling rules to create precise labor budgets.

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Demand Forecasting

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to precisely predict demand across all customer touchpoints, every 15 minutes.

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Legion’s industry-leading WFM platform uses Intelligent Automation to optimize labor efficiency and employee experience simultaneously.

Streamline labor operations by automatically and precisely predicting demand and instantly generating the optimal schedule to control labor costs.

Give managers powerful tools to manage labor, automate daily decision-making for schedule management and time and attendance tasks, improve compliance, and reduce overhead.

Deliver a better hourly employee experience with gig-like schedule flexibility and control, instant access to earned wages, and modern communications tools– that attract and retain employees.

As a result, businesses that use Legion WFM have achieved 13x ROI, cut scheduling time in half, and achieved a 96% match rate between business needs and employee preferences – transforming labor operations and the employee experience.

Legion by the Numbers

What does Legion do for you?

Automate routine tasks and enable managers to focus on what matters most.


Matched employee preferences
& business needs with AI optimization


Reduced scheduling time


Increased sales


Increased demand forecast accuracy


Fewer timesheet errors


Generate optimal schedule

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Legion’s industry-leading, AI-powered WFM platform optimizes labor efficiency and employee experience simultaneously – at scale.

Attracting and retaining critical frontline hourly employees requires new thinking and modern solutions that achieve your business outcomes and enhance employee experience.

Allen Brock

SVP Support and Customer Success

Legion Labor Budgeting

Labor Budgeting

Generate long-term labor budgets you can trust. The Labor Budgeting module uses machine learning to automatically create accurate, detailed labor forecasts and makes it easy to model what-if scenarios, so your budget plans stay on track even 12 to 18 months out.

Demand Forecasting

Predict demand across all customer touchpoints and locations. Synthesize thousands of data points including historical data, ongoing operations, and future events like weather and local events to automatically create the optimal labor plan.

Labor Optimization

Automatically predict the number of employees and the skill sets needed every hour, every day of the week–so you can improve customer service and compliance while reducing labor costs.

Automated Scheduling

Create and manage optimized schedules in a single click. It automatically matches business needs with employee skills and preferences and reduces administrative overhead. It continuously learns from manager edits and employee actions to deliver the best possible schedule.

Automated Scheduling - Employee Experience

Reduce turnover and improve the employee experience by giving employees gig-like schedule flexibility and control with self-service capabilities and an easy-to-use mobile app.

Time & Attendance

Automate the management of schedules, timesheets and tips. The Time & Attendance module saves time and money, improves compliance, and frees managers to focus on serving customers and supporting employees.

Time and Attendance annimation
Legion Frontline Communications

Frontline Communications

Transform the way you communicate with employees and radically improve retention rates. Communicate with employees through the same app they use to view their schedules. Automatically understand when employees are on the clock to maintain compliance while improving engagement.

Legion InstantPay

Give employees instant, easy access to their earned wages., Drive schedule adherence, employee loyalty, and operational benefits for the business and support the financial wellness of employees.

Legion Instantpay
Performance and Rewards

Performance and Rewards

Show employees you care about their career growth. Automatically measure employee performance, compute rewards based on performance, and provide real-time, quantifiable feedback, to help keep employees engaged and motivated.

Strategic Insights

Get visibility into your operational efficiency and deep insights into employee engagement metrics through rich dashboards and powerful analytics  no implementation required.

Legion dashboard

Control Center

Streamline operational management and accelerate time to value with Legion WFM self-service configuration and controls.


Future-proof your WFM investment while continuously improving efficiency. The Legion Platform combines AI and machine learning in a cloud-native platform that makes it easy to integrate your existing ecosystem and scale on demand.