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“Next-gen WFM presents a compelling opportunity to support business transformation.”
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Legion Workforce Management

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation across the entire workforce management process continuum by continuously learning from data, leveraging AI, and providing an engaging user experience.




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Easy, Intuitive App Employees Love

Employees love our mobile app, and it makes their managers' lives much easier. It's rated 4.8 in the app store for a reason!

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It lets me see my schedule as well as who I will be working with. That makes it easier to prepare for my day. It's great that it also keeps your punches and total hours for the week in case something needs fixing you can stay on top of it. Overall it's super easy to use and navigate.

Anonymous Android User

4.8 Stars


Legion’s industry-leading Workforce Management Platform optimizes labor efficiency and enhances the employee experience simultaneously.

Streamline labor operations by automatically and precisely predicting demand and instantly generating the optimal schedule to control labor costs.

Give managers powerful tools to manage labor, automate daily decision-making for schedule management and time and attendance tasks, improve compliance, and reduce overhead.

Deliver a better hourly employee experience with gig-like schedule flexibility and control, instant access to earned wages, and modern communications tools that attract and retain employees.

Businesses that use Legion WFM have achieved 13x ROI, cut scheduling time in half, and achieved a 96% match rate between business needs and employee preferences—transforming labor operations and the employee experience.

Legion by the Numbers

What does Legion do for you?

Automate routine tasks and enable managers to focus on what matters most.


Matched employee skills and preferences
to business needs with AI optimization


Reduced scheduling time


Increased sales


Fewer timesheet errors


Generate optimal schedule

Having payroll control and being able to optimize productivity [with Legion] gives our employees more hours to reinvest into the generation of revenue. That’s where the magic happens. Not only are you saving on costs, but you’re also increasing your business.

Director, Human Resources, Retail

With Legion, everything is right at my fingertips and updated immediately! This app is super easy to use and has made my life so much easier!

Michael L.
Application User

Legion’s forecast model considered out-of-the-box things other products didn't, such as local events we didn’t even know were happening.

Executive Director of Information Systems, Retail

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Our Workforce Management System is modular. Customers can augment or replace their existing solution.

Legion Labor Budgeting

Labor Budgeting

Generate long-term labor budgets you can trust. The Labor Budgeting module uses machine learning to automatically create accurate, detailed labor forecasts and makes it easy to model what-if scenarios so your budget plans stay on track even 12 to 18 months out.

  • Long-Term Labor Budgeting

    Precisely define labor hours your business needs over the next 12 to 18 months, by skill and location.

  • Model What-If Scenarios

    Create dynamic budgets and multiple what-if scenarios to identify profit-optimized “best bet” labor decisions.

  • Automatic Budget Enforcement

    Create an accurate, enforceable long-term labor budget that connects your staffing model with the store’s labor models.

Demand Forecasting

Predict demand across all customer touchpoints and locations. Synthesize thousands of data points including historical data, ongoing operations, and future events like weather and local events to automatically create the optimal labor plan.

  • Fully Automated Forecasting

    Automated ingestion and analysis of 1000s of data points. No human intervention is required.

  • Precision of Forecasts

    A unique model and forecast is created for every single driver. Forecast demand in 15-minute, 30-minute, or daily increments.

  • Accuracy Through AI

    Automatically customized advanced machine learning algorithms that continually improve and learn from your data.

  • Pre-Integrated External Data

    Weather and local events are automatically syndicated, pre-integrated, and used to train the ML models.

Labor Optimization

Automatically predict the number of employees and the skill sets needed every hour, each day of the week so you can improve customer service and compliance while reducing labor costs. Our intelligently automated system helps avoid costly human errors such as non-compliance, overstaffing, or understaffing.

  • Compliance Templates

    Pre-loaded, frequently updated compliance templates and business rules help ensure schedules follow labor laws.

  • Actionable Insights

    See the cost of the schedule, gaps between scheduled hours, demand, and employee preferences. Auto-adjusts to meet objectives.

  • Account For Workload Type

    Automatically includes flexible workloads, such as restocking or inventory, without human intervention.

Automated Scheduling

Create and manage optimized schedules in a single click. Automated Scheduling instantly matches business needs with employee skills and preferences and reduces administrative overhead. Our Workforce Management System continuously learns from manager edits and employee actions to deliver the best possible schedule.

  • Workforce Sharing

    Legion WFM’s multi-location optimization process automatically assigns employees across locations, based on business needs and employee skills and preferences, during schedule generation.

  • Shift Swapping

    Give schedule control back to your employees. Our app allows employees to request shift swaps from their mobile devices.

  • Smart Templates

    Support the creation of stable and predictable schedules for employees. Recurring shifts can be created and assigned before the optimization process.

  • Curated Shift Offers

    AI curates shift offers automatically in seconds based on preferences, skills, and compliance factors.

Time and Attendance annimation

Time & Attendance

Make managers’ and employees’ lives easier by automating the management of schedules, timesheets, and tips. The Time & Attendance module saves time and money, improves compliance, and frees managers to focus on serving customers and supporting employees.

  • Schedule-Aware Timesheets

    Schedule-aware timesheets automatically assess schedule change premiums and highlight timeclock-to-schedule variances.

  • Compliance Premium Assessments

    Automated compliance premium assessments, including overtime, predictive scheduling premiums, split shifts, and more.

  • Real-Time Attendance

    Track attendance at-a-glance including employees arriving soon, leaving early, approaching overtime, etc.

  • Time Off Management

    Tracking employees’ time off requests is complicated, especially at scale. HR managers love our leave management feature.

Frontline Communications

Transform the way you communicate with employees and radically improve retention rates using the same app they use to view their schedules. Automatically track when employees are on the clock to maintain compliance while improving engagement.

  • Company Newsfeed

    Achieve widespread adoption for your frontline workers. Ensure that all employees stay informed and aligned with organizational updates, policies, and changes.

  • Polls & Surveys

    Gather feedback and check the pulse of your frontline workers. Make informed decisions that reflect your workforce’s needs and opinions.

  • Schedule-Aware Communications

    Ensure communications are compliant for on-the-clock workers to enhance efficiency, reduce confusion, and improve overall job satisfaction.

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Instantpay Dashboard Activity Feed

Legion InstantPay

Give employees instant, easy access to their earned wages. Drive schedule adherence, employee loyalty, and operational benefits for the business and support employees' financial wellness.

  • Instant Access to Wages

    Provides employees the ability to access flexible pay for every shift they work. Offer a fully compliant earned wage access program directly in your WFM system.

  • Enterprise Integration

    Simplified integration for a no-touch payroll process. Leverage out-of-the-box interfaces to get up and running quickly.

  • Digital Financial Well-Being

    Employee access to financial education and options for free access to pay. Financial stability helps to improve a variety of operational metrics.

Performance and Rewards

Show employees you care about their career growth. Automatically measure employee performance, compute rewards based on performance, and provide real-time, quantifiable feedback to help keep employees engaged and motivated.

  • Employee Performance Dashboard

    Daily metrics provided for easy access to employee performance. Give managers and team members accessibility to measurements that matter.

  • Leaderboards

    Gamify employee performance to inspire positive change. Daily metric updates throughout the defined assessment periods.

  • Enterprise Data Platform

    One place to view and measure important training and performance metrics. Easy import of data from POS, Learning, and HRMS systems.

Performance and Rewards
Scheduled Wages By Budgeted Work Role

Data Suite

Improve decision-making with a versatile analytics platform. Access a large library of standard reports, create custom reports based on what drives your business, and leverage intelligent automation for deep analysis and management of KPIs with Strategic Insights.

  • Report Creator

    Create and customize reports based on your operational needs with a user-friendly interface that includes the entire Legion Data Dictionary.

  • Strategic Insights

    Enable your decision makers to confidently take swift operational and strategic actions and monitor the status of key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Data Extracts

    Integrate your BI system with data extraction from the transactional database. Formats include all business objects and are optimized for fast retrieval at a large scale.

Take Command of WFM

Administrators love us as much as employees do. Our Workforce Management Software is easy to set up, use, and maintain.

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Streamline operational management and accelerate time to value with Legion WFM self-service configuration and controls.

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Provides seamless integration with leading HCM vendors, such as SAP and Workday, and market-leading Task Management providers, POS systems, and more.

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Increase operational efficiency and innovation with a scalable infrastructure that offers advanced data insights and real-time metrics.