Product Overview

Maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously

Legion Workforce Management Platform

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Legion Platform


  • Proven AI that delivers optimized labor forecasts and perfect-match schedules
  • 100% cloud-native with pre-built integrations and no upgrades costs
  • Modular approach enables you to augment or replace your existing WFM solution
  • 95% employee engagement results in lower churn
  • 98% forecast accuracy leads to greater labor efficiency
  • Lightning-fast deployments at scale – 3 month go-live with low TCO

Demand Forecasting

Save time and money with AI-powered intelligent demand forecasting. Automatically create labor demand forecasts at 30-minute increments with up to 98% accuracy.

Labor Optimization

Get AI-optimized staffing guidance based on forecasted demand and customer labor standards. Automatically create precise labor plans at down-to-the-minute granularity.

Automated Scheduling

Create AI-optimized schedules in a single click. Employee preferences and skills are automatically matched with the optimized labor forecast, compliance requirements, and custom staffing policies to create fully-compliant, perfect-match schedules.

Employee Engagement

Reduce turnover and improve employee engagement by giving them greater control over their schedules with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Time & Attendance Highlights

Time and Attendance

Easily record, monitor, and track time and attendance with a mobile app, on the web, or a smart kiosk. Legion WFM integrates seamlessly with leading payroll systems.

Advanced Insights

Access to powerful self-service data exploration and capabilities that help you explore, analyze, and share real-time WFM analytics easily.

Control Center

Streamline operational management and accelerate time to value with Legion WFM self-service configuration and controls.


Easily integrate your existing environment with our multi-tenant cloud-based microservices architecture. Our platform is enterprise-ready with SOC-2 certification, 24x7 support, and zero-downtime upgrades.

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