2024: State of the Hourly Workforce

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Retention is Still a Struggle, and the Threat of Unionization is Real

Hourly employees, especially younger workers, are very unhappy. Many are likely to leave their jobs within the next year, and a significant number wish for unionization efforts at their workplace.

Managers also face challenges, being overwhelmed with administrative work, schedule management, and compliance tasks.

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The Threat of Unionization is High Because the Employee Experience is Unsatisfactory

wish there were unionization efforts at their employer

What's Fueling the Threat of Unionization

Low wages

Poor employee benefits


Poor work-life balance


Lack of schedule flexibility

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Retention Will Continue to be a Struggle


of hourly employees surveyed plan to leave their jobs in the next year

of employees aged 18-24 plan to leave their jobs in the next year


of those who plan to resign also plan to leave their current industry

Hourly Workers Don't Think Employers Are Doing Enough For Them

Don't think their employer cares about creating a good work experience for them and their coworkers

feel their employer has NOT done anything to improve the employee experience in the past year

What Hourly Employees Value

like the people they work with

enjoy the work I do

have a flexible schedule

Schedule Flexibility and Control is Key for Retention

Top Things That Would Persuade an Hourly Worker to Take a New Job

Flexibility to swap extra shifts and pick up shifts


Greater recognition and rewards


Ability to easily give schedule input


Ability to get paid early


Greater transparency into shift assignments and hours given


Managers are Struggling

of managers don't feel that they have enough time to focus on the parts of their job that they enjoy, such as coaching, team development, and customer interactions

feel their current employer has NOT set them up for success in their role

Top 3 Ways to Make Managers Lives Easier


Reduce time spent on administrative tasks like creating and maintaining schedules


Provide tools that make it easier for me to communicate with my team


Give me the ability to pay my team early

Embrace AI and Automation to Facilitate a Greater Focus on the Human Side of Work

Ranked from most to least important, which of the following do you wish were intelligently automated?

Employee scheduling

Managing compliance and time and attendance tasks

Managing call-outs and no shows

Forecasting demand

Retail Manager Employee

If your employer were able to reduce the amount of time you spend on admin tasks,

how would you use the time gained?

coaching and developing my team

interact with customers

get my time-off back

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