Solve complex restaurant management challenges with ease

What sets you apart from others is the ability to provide excellent food and drinks coupled with quick, efficient service. Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to remove time-intensive activities from your workforce management equation, so you can focus on what’s important.

A young woman customer placing her order at a fast food convenience restaurant. A young woman server staff is assisting her at the checkout cashier counter with the kitchen staff working in the background.

Optimize restaurant operations and retain employees

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to optimize revenue and enhance the experience of associates, managers, and customers.

Optimize your workforce

Share employees across different locations to cover critical needs during projected peak or low periods while avoiding costly overtime and protecting service levels.

Free managers from administrative burdens

Reduce scheduling time by 50% with Legion WFM’s intelligent automation that continuously learns and improves. Instantly approve or deny time-off requests, shift swaps, and shift claims based on rules.

Empower and retain employees

Give employees gig-like flexibility, ability to work across locations, swap and pick up shifts, communicate with managers, and access earned wages instantly with an intuitive mobile app.

Provide fair workweek and predictable schedules

Ensure premiums are paid with pre-built, up-to-date compliance templates and business rules. Automatically create fully compliant schedules with alerts, reports, and full audit trails.

Maximize sales and enhance the customer experience

Built-in productivity metrics help you automatically see and schedule top performers during peak periods or special events, maximizing food and beverage sales.

Legion by the Numbers

Food Services


reduction in turnover
(Coffee shop chain)


hours saved/week on scheduling
(Fast casual chain)


reduction in premium pay
(Fast casual restaurant)