Healthcare Workforce Management

Empowering Healthcare Providers to Focus on Delivering High-Quality Patient Care

Optimizing labor efficiency, simplifying scheduling, and improving the employee experience has never been easier with Legion’s intelligent, automated, employee-centric Workforce Management Software.

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Legion maximizes labor efficiency and the employee engagement simultaneously

Accurately predict demand to create the optimal labor plan

Simplify scheduling and automatically match patient appointments with employee skills, certifications, and preferences

Simplify compliance management and automatically compute premium pay

Deliver a better employee and practice manager experience

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Healthcare Workforce Management


The cost of missed healthcare appointments


The percent of time healthcare professionals spend on administrative tasks


The amount of time spent on tasks unrelated to patients

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Legion Workforce Management enables intelligent automation. It helps managers make better decisions and execute more efficiently. It automates routine scheduling and time and attendance tasks for healthcare teams.

Precisely predict demand

Create optimized labor plans and schedules to care for patients properly

Automatically create precise labor forecasts based on historical demand drivers and external influencers such as federal and local holidays, local events, and weather.

Optimize scheduled hours to match appointment demand and budgets.

Precisely Predict
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Intelligently automate scheduling

Instantly create optimized schedules and reduce scheduling time by 50%

Leverage mature AI to generate schedules that instantly match appointments and patient care needs with employee qualifications, certifications, and preferences to improve operational efficiency and employee engagement.

Equip managers with advanced tools to quickly fill critical roles without the hassle of navigating through on-call lists. Streamline operations by enabling automatic approval of employee schedule requests based on business rules.

Schedule staff across locations

Easily schedule employees across locations to better serve patients and provide staff with greater earnings potential

Schedule employees across districts and states to meet patient demand while maintaining compliance and adhering to labor budgets.

Enable employees to pick up shifts at multiple locations. Employees can set their preferences for where, when, how much, and how long they want to work through easy-to-use self-service tools.

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Streamline compliance management and time and attendance

Intelligently automate timesheet approvals, corrections, and premium calculations.

Saves manager’s time with timesheet auto-approvals and schedule-to-clock exception alerts.

Reduce compliance burdens with automatic reporting of violations, automatic computation of premium pay, and support for predictable pay.

Empower employees with gig-like flexibility and control

Employees get customized schedules that match their qualifications and preferences with patient needs

Employees set their preferences for when, where, how often, and how long they want to work and can update those preferences at any time.

Easy-to-use self-service tools make it easy for employees to swap shifts and claim open shifts, even at other locations, while adhering to location-specific regulations and business policies.

Empower Employees
Improve Comms

Improve communication

Equip managers and employees with modern, clock-aware communication tools

Empower employees with an easy-to-use mobile app—built-in chat, newsfeed, announcements, polls, and surveys while minimizing compliance risk.

Share kudos, build corporate culture, and empower employees with direct updates from management.

Increase employee financial wellness and clock-in performance

Provide instant access to earned wages for greater financial wellness and engagement

Improve employee financial well-being to reduce stress and turnover without impacting payroll processes.

Earned Wage Access is proven to improve clock hygiene and on-time performance by almost 70%.

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Increase employee engagement with performance and rewards

Increase retention and improve engagement with Performance Recognition & Rewards explicitly designed for the frontline

Build trust with transparent, fair, equitable, and quantifiable performance metrics.

Use gamification to engage employees and increase motivation through challenges and rewards.

Reduce administrative overhead

Improve practice manager productivity and efficiency

Intelligent automation enables managers to improve decision-making and execution while maintaining human control. Managers are freed to focus on patient care and their teams.

Reduce back office time spent creating and maintaining schedules by 50% and intelligently automate more than 70 core WFM tasks across labor budgeting, demand forecasting, labor optimization, scheduling, and time attendance.

Managers can be more responsive to employee requests while spending less time processing the requests.

Reduce Overhead
Actionable Insights

Give managers actionable insights

Legion’s Data Suite provides robust reporting and instant insight

Get instant insights into employee engagement, manager productivity, labor optimization, and compliance trends.

Provides rich, pre-built dashboards with schedule, cost, compliance, productivity, and engagement metrics.

Fast time to value

Legion Delivers Lightning-Fast Implementations

Legion can get customers live in weeks with a template-based approach to configuration.

Our holistic and modular platform makes it augment or replace your existing solution.

Time To Value

The Benefits to Your Bottom Line

A Forrester TEI study quantified the economic impact of the Legion platform for a company with 10K employees over three years resulting in $14.3M in savings and 13x ROI. Read the report

Industry Recognition

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 3023 North America
Brandon Hall Group
Saas Awards 2023
AI ExcellenceAward 2024 01 Cropped
CB Insights Retail Tech 100 2023
AI Breakthrough Awards
Best in Biz Awards 2022
Forbes 2021 Billion Dollar Startups
Inc. 5000 America's Fastest Growing Private Companies
JMP Hot 100
Gartner Cool Vendor 2020

Why Legion?

Health services are a critical component of people’s lives. A positive employee experience is at the heart of delivering compassionate, quality care. Legion’s industry-leading WFM platform enables intelligent automation to maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously.

Businesses that use Legion WFM have achieved 13x ROI, cut scheduling time in half, and achieved a 96% match rate between business needs and employee skills and preferences—transforming labor operations and the employee experience. Request a demo to see how Legion Workforce Management can help you deliver quality care.

FAQs About Healthcare Services Workforce Management

The right workforce management software can help you increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and deliver a better employee experience.