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Engaging Frontline Workers and Managers: Mobile Adoption

Driving mobile adoption with mobile apps leads to better engagement with hourly workers and their managers. Learn how to implement this in your organization.

Optimizing Workforce Efficiency: A Deep Dive into Workforce Management Software

Transform your retail business with Legion WFM. Discover how our workforce management software boosts efficiency.

Introducing Legion’s Automated Scheduling with Smart Templates

Legion WFM is introducing Smart Templates to make building workflows more efficient. Learn how you can implement this and save time in your organization.

Staying Compliant With Fair Workweek Laws

Learn about Fair Workweek laws and how you can stay compliant with them with the help of workforce management software.

Address Employees’ Top Concerns: Availability and Scheduling

Discover why availability and scheduling are your hourly employees’ top concerns and what you can do to address this.

Transforming Hourly Work: A New Era of Engagement and Efficiency

Discover the power of Legion Workforce Management software. Learn how to boost your efficiency, engage with your hourly employees, and empower them at once.

Driving Accuracy and Precision with Intelligently Automated Demand Forecasting

Learn how to drive accuracy and precision with Legion’s intelligently automated Demand Forecasting solution. Dive deep into the details in this article.

Intelligently Automate Compliance Management: How Legion WFM Helps Mitigate Compliance Risk in Retail and Hospitality

Learn how intelligently automated compliance management solutions mitigate risk.If you’re in the hospitality or retail industries, you need this!

Employee Empowerment Through Self-Service: The Impact of Workforce Management Software

Find out how Legion WFM empowers employees with self-service options. From schedule flexibility to financial stability, give your staff the gift of autonomy.