Engaging Frontline Workers and Managers: Mobile Adoption

March 20, 2024

by Björn Wiberg

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With the proliferation of mobile devices, mobile engagement has become a critical component of workforce management software (WFM), especially for frontline workers. Companies must satisfy increasing customer demands while maintaining operational efficiency, so the need for a mobile WFM solution that enables employee centricity through intelligent automation has never been more pressing. By leveraging AI to offer a comprehensive solution for both employees and managers, Legion WFM is disrupting the status quo in workforce management.

The Importance of Mobile Engagement for Frontline Workers

Frontline workers are the backbone of numerous industries, directly interacting with customers and driving the primary operations of businesses. Mobile engagement is crucial for these employees, offering more flexibility and real-time communication. A mobile-first approach allows employees to access schedules, communicate with their managers, and adjust work preferences. This empowers them with greater control over their work-life balance and increases their engagement and productivity.

Leveraging mobile technology for work-related tasks is a natural progression in a world where personal smartphones are ubiquitous. Mobile apps are reducing the learning curve associated with new tools and streamlining operations, making it easier for workers to adopt and use the technology effectively.

Key Features for Frontline Workers in a Mobile WFM App

A mobile WFM app designed for frontline workers should be intuitive, accessible, and packed with features that make their work lives easier and more productive. Here are the essential features such an app should offer:

  • Self-Service Capabilities: Workers should be able to view their schedules, request time off, swap shifts, and indicate their availability directly from the app. This autonomy enhances satisfaction and engagement.
  • Real-time Communication: Instant messaging and notification features enable efficient communication between employees and managers, ensuring everyone is up-to-date on shifts, changes, and important announcements.
  • Shift Feedback and Preferences: Allowing workers to provide feedback on their shifts and set work preferences (like preferred working hours) helps create schedules that better align with their needs, improving overall satisfaction.
  • Access to Earnings and Benefits: Frontline workers should be able to view their earnings, track benefits, and access financial wellness tools directly through the app, promoting transparency and trust.

Essential Features for Store Managers in a Mobile WFM App

For store managers and other supervisory roles, a mobile WFM app must offer different tools designed to streamline operations, enhance team management, and improve decision-making. Key features include:

  • Compliance Management: Managers need compliance tools that give them easy access to budgets and actuals to reduce overtime and avoid compliance violations across a distributed workforce.
  • Schedule Oversight: Tools that consider employee preferences, availability, and skills to generate optimal schedules reduce the time managers spend on scheduling tasks.
  • Real-Time Approvals: Managers require the ability to make quick approvals to schedule changes and communicate them instantly to employees, ensuring operational flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Performance Analytics: Access to real-time dashboards on employee performance and operational efficiency empowers managers to make informed decisions.

Why Legion is the Best App for Engaging Frontline Workers and Managers

Legion stands out as the premier solution for engaging frontline workers and managers for several compelling reasons:

  • Native AI: Legion harnesses the power of AI to accurately forecast demand, intelligently generate schedules, and automate timesheet creation. This ensures that schedules are both efficient for the business and satisfactory for the employees.
  • Employee-Centricity: At the heart of Legion’s platform is a deep commitment to employee engagement and satisfaction. The app’s design prioritizes self-service capabilities, communication, and personal preferences, making it a tool that employees need to use and want to use.
  • Comprehensive Manager Tools: Legion provides managers with powerful tools to make informed decisions quickly. From demand forecasting and automated scheduling to real-time adjustments and performance analytics, managers have everything they need to effectively oversee their teams and operations.
  • Highly-Rated Mobile App: The Legion app is designed with the end-user in mind, boasting an intuitive interface and comprehensive features catering to frontline workers and managers. Its high user ratings reflect the app’s ability to meet and exceed the needs of its users, making it a trusted tool in workforce management.

Legion’s approach to workforce management software exemplifies how thoughtfully applied technology can revolutionize industries. Legion is improving operational efficiency and enhancing frontline employees’ work lives by prioritizing mobile engagement and enabling intelligent automation. The key features of Legion’s mobile WFM app underscore the importance of a holistic, employee-centric approach in today’s dynamic work environments. As companies look to navigate the complexities of workforce management, embracing solutions like Legion’s can lead to a more engaged, satisfied, and productive workforce.

To learn more about how Legion helps managers and employees stay more engaged, schedule a demo today.