Introducing Legion’s Automated Scheduling with Smart Templates

March 14, 2024

by Malysa O’Connor

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The Challenge of Scheduling

Creating a balance between employee preferences and business demands is a constant struggle for managers. They need to provide stable schedules while adapting to changing business needs. Employees want to know their schedule weeks in advance; managers want to be able to respond to the constantly changing demands of their business. How do you make providing stable schedules easier?

The Legion Solution

Legion’s intelligent, automated, employee-centric WFM is transforming scheduling for managers. With Legion WFM, managers can minimize their scheduling time and effort while maximizing stability and generating schedules that match business needs with employee skills and preferences 96% of the time.

Key Features

  • Employee-Centric Scheduling: Employees can be informed of their schedules weeks in advance, while managers can quickly adjust to the dynamic demands of their business.
  • Flexible and Predictive Scheduling: Legion’s AI-based tools predict demand months in advance. One industry-leading retailer uses Legion’s planning and forecasting capabilities to publish schedules four weeks in advance – giving employees more advance notice of their schedules.
  • Smart Templates simplify schedule creation by combining managerial decision-making, stable scheduling practices, and intelligent automation. This feature allows managers to easily set up and update recurring shifts while adhering to staffing rules.

Optimizing Schedules with Smart Templates and AI

Legion’s AI forecasting and Smart Templates provide a robust framework for scheduling. With Smart Templates, managers can create intelligently automated schedules that match business needs with employee skills and preferences and combine manager decision-making with stable scheduling practices. Viewing staffing rules and setting up and updating recurring shifts when generating schedules is easy.

Legion’s AI-based forecasting tools can predict demand months in advance, and intelligent automation within Smart Templates can determine what portion of that demand is likely to remain stable. A Smart Template is then suggested to give employees some of their schedule information a month or more before they start working. The Smart Template can be used alongside manager-defined shifts for training, meetings, and other activities to input the optimized labor plan. When the schedules are generated, the latest forecasted demand and optimized labor plan are used to create and assign any additional shifts on top of the shifts planned in the Smart Template.

Imagine if you could:

  • Instantly create a schedule in advance to ensure you have coverage for the supervisor role and can guarantee those hours to a new supervisor candidate.
  • Automatically schedule employees for a required shift on Saturday and Sunday unless employees have approved time off, leaving the rest of their week flexible based on availability and labor demand.
  • Ensure employees have a stable schedule of core weekly shifts while allowing flexibility to adjust based on labor demand. Core hours will provide a consistent framework, supplemented by additional shifts according to availability.
  • Create a rotating plan to ensure employees get the latest training on new products by scheduling training shifts for select employees every week while ensuring those employees are available for other work the rest of the time.
  • Ensure certain staff members who are the best at handling events like children’s birthday parties at a restaurant, for example, are scheduled for the party days but are also available for other shifts.
  • Enhance employee skills by assigning an associate to act as a supervisor-in-training during specific days when a supervisor is absent, ensuring coverage and hands-on leadership experience.

Experience Legion’s Automated Scheduling

Legion Automated Scheduling makes it simple to generate superior schedules that address your most challenging issues automatically.

Discover how Legion’s Smart Templates and intelligent automation can streamline your scheduling process. Request a demo to see Automated Scheduling in action and learn more about how intelligent automation powered by Legion WFM simplifies and reduces scheduling time.