Elevate Employee Engagement with Workforce Management Software

March 21, 2024

by Matt Cromar

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In the ever-evolving retail industry, managing a large hourly workforce can be daunting. It is no surprise that many organizations struggle with maintaining high levels of employee engagement—which is key to driving productivity and business success.

The good news is that technological advances have given rise to solutions like Legion’s Workforce Management Software (WFM), which is designed specifically to tackle these challenges head-on.

Elevate Employee Engagement: Key Summary

  • Engaged employees are crucial for businesses as they drive productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction; their commitment and enthusiasm directly impact a company’s bottom line, fostering growth and a positive workplace culture.
  • Companies should focus on having clear communication with employees and providing work-life balance, flexible pay, and rewards for a job well done.
  • Legion WFM includes features that directly impact hourly employee and manager engagement and morale, driving success for the business.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Before we delve into how Legion WFM can elevate your organization’s employee engagement levels, it’s important to understand why this aspect is so vital. A recent Gallup poll found that companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147% in earnings per share.

Moreover, increased engagement leads to lower absenteeism rates and higher quality work—factors directly impacting your bottom line.

The Role of Technology in Boosting Engagement

Effective collaboration between employers, hourly employees, and managers is critical to fostering an engaging workplace environment. This is where modern workforce management tools such as Legion WFM come into play.

This powerful software offers managers real-time insights into workforce metrics that indicate hourly employee engagement, such as on-time arrival, late clock outs, missed breaks, number of shifts that are claimed or swapped, and extra shift pick-ups.

These metrics are collected as a byproduct of employee behavior as they use the Legion mobile app, where employees gain access to easy-to-use self-service tools. With Legion’s highly rated mobile app, hourly employees have more control over their schedules, leading to higher job satisfaction and improved employee retention rates. Legion’s mobile app engagement is 90% week over week.

The Connection Between Employee Engagement and Workforce Management

Employees flourish when engaged and managed effectively. Engaged workers mean better service, products, and more profit for the company. If they’re not enthusiastic about their jobs, companies will notice that productivity drops, customers are less satisfied, and profits may slip.

To spark that kind of commitment, you must focus on the essentials. It’s all about giving employees what they need to succeed—schedules that fit their lives or recognition for a job well done. Effective communication tools also play a crucial role by keeping everyone in sync without stepping over boundaries.

Clear Communication

Effective team communication is like the oil that keeps an engine running smoothly. Legion’s Frontline Communications tool enables this by delivering messages directly within the same app employees use to check their schedules. Eliminating multiple apps streamlines operations and ensures your team sees important updates in real-time.

This smart messaging system also respects your staff’s time off—the clock-aware feature only sends alerts when employees work, reducing compliance risks and respecting personal boundaries. This approach aligns with modern work values where employee time is valued on and off the job.

The convenience of having everything in one place fosters engagement by simplifying communication processes. With Frontline Communications integrated into Legion WFM, managers can swiftly disseminate vital information without worrying about message fatigue or overstepping boundaries—ensuring everyone stays effortlessly informed and compliant.

Recognition and Appreciation

Everybody enjoys a thumbs-up for doing an excellent job. In the workplace, recognizing employees isn’t just nice; it’s necessary. It boosts morale and can seriously ramp up productivity. That’s where Legion’s Performance and Rewards comes into play.

This smart tool takes recognition to the next level by personalizing rewards based on individual performance metrics. Think of it as your digital cheerleader who keeps track of all the wins, big or small, and ensures everyone gets their moment in the spotlight. Legion WFM can automatically incorporate employee behavior into schedule creation and can reward employees with premium shifts.

The best part? It taps into what motivates people beyond just salary—a sense of achievement, progress tracking, and acknowledgment among peers. By doing this, you’re saying ‘great job’ and showing employees how they contribute to larger goals. It’s like turning everyday work life into an engaging game with clear scoreboards and meaningful rewards.

Schedule Flexibility and Control

Legion’s Automated Scheduling solution understands that employees thrive when they have control over their time, both at work and away from it.

With Automated Scheduling, employees can set their availability and preferences with ease. This technology crafts completely personalized schedules that respect personal time while meeting business needs.

The result is a team that feels valued because they’re heard—and a schedule that works for everyone involved. After all, when your employees bring less work home, they bring more energy into what they do during working hours.

Flexible Pay

Money talks and Legion InstantPay speaks volumes about your commitment to employee satisfaction. Earned Wage Access (EWA) gives employees access to their earned wages before the traditional pay cycle rolls around.

This financial flexibility can be a game-changer for hourly workers who often juggle multiple responsibilities. It shows you understand their needs and are willing to provide solutions that make real-life sense. Think of it as delivering peace of mind right into their wallets; when employees know they have control over when they get paid, stress takes a backseat.

Incorporating flexible pay options is becoming an expectation among today’s workforce. By offering EWA through Legion WFM software, businesses stand out as employers who listen and act on what matters most to their team members—financial empowerment and trust. Employers gain additional benefits through increased productivity, retention, and recruiting that come with offering flexible pay.

Improve Employee Engagement With the Help of Legion

Engaged employees are the heartbeat of a thriving business. They’re more productive, provide better customer service, and stay with your company longer. But keeping that engagement high is often easier said than done.

Legion turns workforce management into an engine for employee satisfaction. By tapping into AI-powered tools, businesses create better employee and manager experiences.

Communication is key to making staff feel connected and informed. Acknowledging hard work goes a long way, too—a simple ‘thank you’ can boost morale sky-high. And let’s not forget flexibility; it’s crucial for that elusive work-life harmony that today’s workforce craves. That balance becomes a reality with automated scheduling and flexible payment options from Legion.

By leveraging these capabilities smartly, businesses using Legion WFM stand out as employers who truly value their teams—and those teams will surely notice. To learn more, schedule a demo now.