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Experience Legion Copilot: The Future of Generative AI in Workforce Management at NRF

Learn how you can transform your workforce management processes and experience cutting-edge generative AI with Legion WFM at NRF 2024.

Legion Integrates Apple and Google SSO Options for WFM Platform

Increase the uptake, efficiency, and ease of use of your WFM with SSO. Learn why Legion WFM added this feature, and how you can benefit.

Measure Your Holiday Forecasting Accuracy in the New Year

Learn how to measure the accuracy of your holiday forecasts now that the new year is here. We’ll explain it simply in this article.

How to NRF Like a Boss!

NRF is coming up quickly, and I can’t wait to head to NYC with Tyler Smith and team for another epic event. It’s all about catching up with customers and friends, and learning from leading retailers. The key to managing NRF like a boss is taking advantage of all the activities! The Legion team has…

Utilizing Extensibility for Enhanced Flexibility in Configuring CBA Compliance Rules with Legion WFM

Collective bargaining agreement rules are complicated. Learn how to harness the power of extensibility and achieve flexibility in your calculations.

Holiday Workforce Planning

Maximize your holiday success with smart workforce planning. Discover how Legion WFM software can enhance productivity and sales performance.

Holiday Balancing Act: Employee Happiness and Operations

Explore strategies to balance employee needs during holidays with business goals, leveraging AI for effective workforce management and satisfaction.

Weather Impacts on Retail Operations and How Legion’s Frontline Communications Helps

Oftentimes, retail operations are impacted by weather. Learn how our Frontline Communications tool helps mitigate problems.

Optimizing Vet Clinic Staff While Improving the Employee Experience

Discover why vet clinics are using Legion WFM to solve operational challenges, and how your pet hospital can benefit too.