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Legion’s Groundbreaking Growth: A $50M Milestone to Transform Workforce Management

Legion celebrates a significant funding milestone that will allow additional focus on global expansion, further automating processes using AI technologies, and creating real value for employees.

Beyond Clocking Out: Managing Overtime and Work-Life Balance with Software Solutions

Discover how to help hourly employees maintain a healthy balance between overtime and work life, enhancing productivity without burnout.

User Adoption Strategies: Ensuring Successful Implementation of Workforce Management Software

Learn how to ensure the successful implementation of workforce management software in your organization.

Modular Solutions for Growth: Workforce Management Software Tailored to Large Enterprise Needs

Explore how Legion WFM’s modular approach to workforce management software impacts large organizations. Build a better WFM implementation, step by step.

Leveraging AI to Empower Frontline Workers: The Legion Way

Discover how AI solutions can liberate frontline workers from repetitive tasks and free them up to focus on their customers.

The Art of Perfect Staffing: Balancing Efficiency and Compliance in Retail

Learn how to balance efficiency and compliance to strike just the right balance for your retail store. It’s simpler than you think!

Strategic Workforce Planning and Budgeting: A Roadmap for Large Enterprises with Legion WFM

Discover the keys to effective workforce planning and budgeting so your retail business can thrive in a competitive market.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leveraging Analytics in Workforce Management Software

Discover how leveraging analytics in workforce management software enhances decision-making and optimizes business strategies for retail leaders.

The Transformative Journey of Generative AI in the Software Industry

Learn all the ways that generative AI is impacting the software industry and how Legion WFM is integrating it into their platform.