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Managing Labor Compliance and Optimizing the Employee Engagement at the Leading Fast Casual Restaurant

They used Legion WFM to address compliance management challenges. Then they improved communication with hourly employees and reinforced their corporate culture.

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Labor Budgeting Datasheet

With Legion Labor Budgeting you can create optimized labor budgets based on accurate long-term demand forecasts that use machine learning as well as operating hours, labor models, wage rates, compliance requirements, and company-specific policies. Legion enables bottoms-up or top-down collaboration when creating a budget, so it fits the existing budget processes of a business.

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Frontline Communications

Legion Frontline Communications offers a complete set of modern tools designed specifically to allow frontline hourly employees to communicate and connect with peers and managers.

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Legion InstantPay

Legion InstantPay is a fast, cost-effective, integrated solution that helps ease employees’ financial stress by giving them access to earned wages and financial well-being.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

Infographic: The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

A recent study by Forrester Consulting shows a 1,345% Return on Investment for Legion’s Retail WFM platform.. Download the infographic now to help assess the financial impact your organization could experience with Legion Workforce Management.

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How Demand Forecasting Is Affected by Demand Data Discontinuity

Demand forecasting is a key focus at Legion. In this white paper, we explain data discontinuity and how we tackle this problem.

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Achieve New Levels of Accuracy with Legion Demand Forecasting

Get insights about demand forecasting approaches and best practices. See how we measure and report the accuracy of our demand forecasts.

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New Release

Legion Workforce Management Innovations – Spring 2021 Release

Learn about the latest enhancements to Legion’s Workforce Management platform that will be generally available in our Spring 2021 release.

Legion + Workday

Legion WFM is the Perfect Complement to Workday HCM

Learn why leading enterprise organizations choose the integrated Legion and Workday solution to provide employees with innovative, comprehensive, best-of-breed WFM and HCM.

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Workforce Management for Distribution Centers

Legion WFM integrates seamlessly with leading warehouse management systems and creates granular demand forecasts for each location with 98% accuracy to efficiently process orders and receipts and exceed performance benchmarks.

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Legion WFM: The Perfect Complement to Workday HCM

Legion is backed by Workday Ventures, and our intelligent, automated, employee-centric Workforce Management Platform is the perfect complement to Workday HCM. See how Legion customers achieved 13x ROI through schedule optimization, improved manager productivity, and reduced attrition.

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Compliance Solution

AI-powered automated scheduling and timesheets incorporate local compliance regulations without manual effort | Predictive scheduling laws | Positive work environment.

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SMCP’s New Superpower – AI-Based Scheduling using Legion WFM

Learn how SMCP reduced scheduling time by 50% giving managers more time for selling and training — resulting in 22% sales contribution increase.

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How Blink Elevated Its Workforce Management Practices

Learn how Blink Fitness was able to save 10,000 hours annually on scheduling and add budget constraints to schedules to manage labor costs.

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How SoulCycle Reduced Scheduling Time by 50%

Learn how SoulCycle cut the amount of time managers spend on schedules in half and dropped their compliance violations to zero.

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