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Seasonal workers

2022 Seasonal Hourly Workforce Report

A new study conducted in September 2022 by Propeller and commissioned by Legion surveyed 1,500 hourly employees, and 500 managers in North America shows that the hourly workforce is stressed this holiday season, and schedule flexibility is one way to address it.

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Demand Forecasting Solution Brief

Legion Demand Forecasting provides consistent, accurate forecasts across all locations week after week and allows managers to easily adjust to dynamic business changes.

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AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

With Legion Demand Forecasting, you can improve business agility, accuracy, and labor efficiency – automatically.


Intelligent Automation Powered by Legion WFM

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation across the entire workforce management process continuum by continuously learning from data, leveraging AI, while improving employee satisfaction.

Smiling grocery workers.

Demand Forecasting

Legion WFM uses machine learning to create highly-accurate demand forecasts that help organizations ensure optimal staffing.

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New Survey Results: Learn What Hourly Employees Want

Find out what hourly employees and their managers want beyond pay and what c-store operators should offer to recruit and retain hourly workers more effectively.


How AI-Powered WFM Turns Hourly Jobs Into Good Jobs

Learn how to turn hourly jobs into good jobs using Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

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National Convenience Store Retailer Chooses Legion WFM to Improve Employees’ Lives and Drive Customer Satisfaction

Learn how Legion WFM helped improve the employee and manager experience for a leading national convenience store retailer.

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MUJI NA Improves Employee Engagement, Comms, & Scheduling

MUJI NA chose Legion WFM to improve its workforce management. “Legion’s AI capabilities were just what we were looking for given the complexity of our operations.”

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Intelligent Workforce Management: What HR Leaders Need to Know

Learn how intelligent, AI-driven workforce management can help you keep deskless workers motivated and engaged, and use it as a strategic lever for improving the employee experience.

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Improve Schedule Optimization with AI-Driven Demand Forecasting

Learn how to improve schedule optimization and control labor costs with Legion’s AI-driven demand forecasting.


Legion Leverages Future-of-Work Technology to Empower Hourly Workforces

This new 3Sixty Insights analyst report reviews how Legion’s AI-powered workforce management platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve challenging problems such as demand forecasting, compliance, budget control, and workforce sharing.

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Getting Workforce Management Right

Retailers in all vertical markets are struggling to address the demand for hourly workers. Get Workforce Management right with Legion AI-Powered WFM.

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How Legion Improves the Lives of Retail Associates Every Day

Learn how to attract, engage, and retain hourly associates with modern workforce management.

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How Legion Improves the Lives of Retail Managers Every Day

Learn how you can improve the lives of your retail managers and empower them to focus on what’s important to the business with modern workforce management.

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Labor Budgeting Solution Brief

With Legion Labor Budgeting you can create optimized labor budgets based on accurate long-term demand forecasts that use machine learning as well as operating hours, labor models, wage rates, compliance requirements, and company-specific policies. Legion enables bottoms-up or top-down collaboration when creating a budget, so it fits the existing budget processes of a business.

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Employee Performance and Rewards Lite Datasheet

Try our performance management tools to measure, track, and reward employee performance. Help your hourly workforce succeed.

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Legion WFM for Convenience Stores

Learn how Legion’s AI-powered WFM platform can help C-stores improve the employee experience through schedule empowerment and modern communication while optimizing labor efficiency.

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