Legion Compliance Watch

Compliance Watch August 2022 –
Latest Updates on Labor Laws

In this edition, we show you how Legion WFM helps you manage recent and planned updates to Minimum Wage, Hourly Wage, and Fair Workweek Laws.

Intelligent Workforce Management – What HR Leaders Need to Know

Get details on how intelligent workforce management empowers HR and Operations leaders and enhances the hourly employee experience. Plus learn how Cinemark does it.

MUJI store

MUJI North America Improves Employee Engagement, Communications, and Scheduling Optimization with Legion WFM

MUJI North America improved its workforce management by choosing Legion. They said “Legion’s AI capabilities were just what we were looking for given the complexity of our operations.”

How Does Demand Forecast Accuracy Impact the Business?

Even just a small increase in the accuracy of demand forecasting can save money. Learn how Legion Demand Forecasting can help improve accuracy.

Group of dissatisfied hourly workers and managers

2022 State of the Hourly Workforce Survey Report – The Balance of Power Has Shifted to Hourly Employees

The survey results uncovered a shift in the balance of power, with hourly employees insisting on greater schedule empowerment. Learn what businesses can do proactively to improve the work experience for hourly workers and managers.

Getting workforce management right headline

Getting Workforce Management Right

Retailers struggle to address the demand for hourly employees. Understand the obstacles and learn how Legion Workforce Management software helps them optimize labor efficiency and empower employees.

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How to Select the Best AI-Powered WFM Platform: 6 Critical Questions

What’s the right WFM platform to ensure your success? Many vendors claim to have solutions, expertise, and impeccable references. Here are six key questions to help you evaluate.

Legion Compliance Watch - May 2022

Compliance Watch May 2022 – Latest Updates on Labor Laws

In this edition, we show you how Legion WFM helps you manage recent and planned updates in Covid vaccine mandates, minimum wages, fair workweek, and employee leave.

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5 Milestones on Your Journey to AI-Powered WFM

Here are 5 key milestones on your WFM Path to the Possible: planning, implementation, training, scaling up and out, and expanding the capabilities to ensure rapid time-to-value.