Modular Solutions for Growth: Workforce Management Software Tailored to Large Enterprise Needs

April 25, 2024

by Malysa O’Connor

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Growing a business comes with plenty of challenges, from managing a growing workforce to ensuring compliance with constantly evolving regulations. Not all solutions fit every stage of expansion, meaning a solution that solves today’s challenges may not address tomorrow’s.

Legion Workforce Management’s (WFM) modular platform enables businesses to select and implement products based on their specific needs today while easily scaling to address future pain points.

Moreover, it can scale seamlessly along with your expanding operations. Let’s dig into the details.

Key Points

  • Labor Budgeting and Demand Forecasting allows enterprises to create long-term labor budgets and precisely and automatically predict demand at each location and for each demand driver in 15-minute, 30-minute, or daily increments.
  • Labor Optimization, Automated Scheduling, and Time and Attendance allow enterprises to streamline resource allocation and automate timekeeping and scheduling processes. Using real-time data insights, businesses can optimize staffing levels, minimize compliance risks, and ensure smooth operations even during periods of growth.
  • By providing instant access to earned wages and fostering a culture of recognition and reward, businesses can improve employee satisfaction and retention, ultimately driving productivity and growth.
  • Legion WFM integrates seamlessly with existing HCM solutions, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to existing workflows. Businesses can integrate workforce management processes with other systems to accommodate employee growth and data volume.
  • Legion’s modular platform can plug and play with existing technology investments until you can replace them.

Support Your Growth with Legion WFM

Legion Workforce Management Software is designed to cater to enterprise companies. Whether you’re adding new modules, features, or users, you can do it without disrupting your existing workflows or system performance.

You can select any combination of our products to create tailored WFM software that works for you. If your needs change as you grow, you can adjust to include the Legion products you need.

Labor Budgeting

Legion’s Labor Budgeting product allows you to generate accurate long-term labor budgets that align with your growth projections.

Our forecasting and what-if scenario modeling lets you make informed decisions about labor allocation to optimize and meet labor budget requirements.

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting is pivotal in strategic planning and resource allocation. It empowers businesses to anticipate future demand across all customer touchpoints and locations, particularly useful for industries with fluctuating consumer demand.
Demand Forecasting analyzes historical trends, upcoming events, demographic shifts, and even weather forecasts to create precise demand forecasts. Your business can use that real-time data to adjust staffing levels and operational strategies as it develops.

Labor Optimization

You can then use your forecasting data to create an optimized labor plan that makes the most of your workforce.

Labor Optimization automatically aligns labor to demands so you can schedule the right people in the right places at the right time.

Plus, with compliance templates and actionable insights, you can feel good about growing without spending unnecessary time manually monitoring some common risks.

Automated Scheduling

Scheduling can be a logistical nightmare. But with Automated Scheduling, you can create and manage schedules easily. Employees can input their preferred hours and locations to work, and the software does the rest, working in tandem with Labor Optimization.

Employees can easily pick up or swap shifts within the app, and it automatically curates best-fit employees for open shifts, streamlining the process of filling open shifts across all locations. Thus, you’ll be able to run a smooth operation and keep your employees happy, even while scaling up.

Time and Attendance

Legion Time and Attendance unburdens managers and reduces compliance risks with automated, efficient time and attendance tracking.

Legion WFM intelligently automates timesheet approvals, corrections, and premium calculations, saving managers significant time and effort.

Other key features include end-to-end compliance management, schedule efficiency, and real-time visibility into attendance data.

You’ll minimize risks and reduce administrative burden even as you add staff to keep up with your growing business.

Frontline Communications

Your frontline employees are the face of your business, so it’s important to keep them feeling good about their work.

That’s where Legion’s Frontline Communications module comes in. With features like company newsfeeds, polls, and schedule-aware communications, you can foster a culture of collaboration and transparency.

Happy employees lead to happy customers, and more happy customers make it easier to grow!

Legion InstantPay

Financial wellness is a key driver of employee loyalty and operational performance. With Legion InstantPay, you can give your employees instant access to their earned wages.

Managers achieve better schedule adherence and clock hygiene and fill shifts faster. Employees can view how much they’ll earn if they pick up a shift and get paid instantly after working it.

Legion InstantPay is embedded in our WFM platform, so it’s easy for employees to get real-time access to their earned wages through the same mobile app they use daily. No new apps to learn or payroll projects are required.

Legion Performance and Rewards

Frontline employees are seeking greater recognition and rewards.

That’s where Legion’s Performance and Rewards comes in. The module augments annual performance reviews and makes it easy for managers to give employees feedback on their performance and to give kudos for a job well done.

Strategic Insights

Data is the lifeblood of any enterprise, but it can be difficult to make sense of it all. With Strategic Insights, you can gain actionable insights into workforce performance, operational efficiency, and KPIs.

Strategic Insights provides rich, pre-built dashboards with schedule, cost, compliance, productivity, and engagement metrics to identify opportunities to reward workers, refine training, and monitor workforce engagement.

Legion WFM synthesizes massive volumes of operational data to enable better decision-making, more accurate assessments of performance against objectives, and actionable insights for labor efficiency and employee engagement improvements.

Integrate with HCM Systems

Legion WFM isn’t just a standalone solution; it seamlessly integrates with Human Capital Management (HCM) systems.

By leveraging Legion’s public APIs, businesses can effortlessly integrate their WFM processes with other critical systems. We’ve also engineered our software to handle massive data volumes to accommodate growth in user base and data volume.

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive WFM solution that fits your existing infrastructure. You can optimize workforce management processes without disrupting existing workflows, driving productivity and growth.

Tailor Your Growth with Legion WFM

Depending on where you are in your stages of growth or the urgency of addressing one WFM vs. another; you may want to augment or replace your existing solution. Maybe your employees need better communication tools, maybe better demand forecasts, or perhaps it’s providing more schedule flexibility and automation to employees. Legion’s modular approach lets you pick and choose what works for you and when it works for you.

The Legion team is here to assist you if you are unsure which products best suit your needs. Contact us today to schedule a demo and build your ideal WFM software.