Golf and Workforce Management: A Game with History Chooses Innovation

April 9, 2024

by Sean Cox

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Golf has a relationship with workforce management (WFM). And the top spot in its scorecard might surprise you.

Televised tournaments have become a showcase of technology companies. The most prominent stars sport highly visible logos of WFM, HCM, and other industry-adjacent solution providers.

But golf retailers have chosen one workforce management software above the rest: Legion.

Legion’s Scorecard

Golf’s top retailers have turned to Legion Workforce Management to maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously.

Review Legion’s Customer Scorecard:

✅ #1 Sporting goods store in the US

✅ #1 Retailer for golf, tennis, and pickleball equipment in the US

✅ #1 Athletic apparel, accessories, and footwear company worldwide

Why did they choose and stick with Legion? Innovation.

Legion has set the pace of innovation in the WFM category, and the innovations have delivered dividends for customers. For example, Forrester Consulting found that a composite Legion customer with 10,000 employees can expect $14.3M in hard-dollar savings over three years. These savings are achieved through improved scheduling optimization, increased manager productivity, reduced OT and premium pay, reduced turnover, and increased employee engagement.

Every Golfer Likes a Good Forecast

Legion accurately predicts demand across all locations to align labor with business needs. Proprietary AI models continuously improve and learn to give managers and business leaders more information to make informed decisions.

Do major tournaments spike in-store traffic? Does weather impact potential sales? Demand Forecasting allows real-time data and future predictions—including event calendars, weather inputs, etc.—to inform how work gets done today. That’s a win-win for employees and customers.

Efficient Game

With Legion, employers create optimal labor plans with the click of a button.

Golf retailers give managers powerful tools to manage labor, automate day-to-day decision-making, and improve compliance. These tools enable managers to spend less time creating and managing schedules and more time interacting with customers and developing their employees. A recent Forrester study showed that Legion cuts scheduling time in half. What could your managers do with that time?

Like a personal caddie for your managers, Legion provides technology that ensures they have what they need to operate at peak performance.

Keeping Them Coming Back

Golf retailers offer employees gig-like flexibility, automated self-service capabilities, early access to earned wages, and modern communication tools—without compromising labor efficiency.

The ability to easily share labor across locations gives employees the flexibility to work when and where it suits them. Employers offer cross-location labor sharing paired with InstantPay (early access to earned wages) to incentivize employees further to take open shifts and improve timecard accuracy.

These employee benefits help reduce employee turnover by 5%—an average attrition drop reported by Legion customers.

A Game with History Chooses Innovation

In golf, legacy matters. When it comes to workforce management, legacy isn’t enough.

Time and time again, sporting goods retailers have chosen Legion to power their teams now and in the future.

Book a demo to learn how Legion can help you improve your WFM game. See how Legion has set the pace of innovation in workforce management.

Golf has voted: Innovation wins even in an industry steeped in tradition.