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Generative AI: A Perfect Fit for Workforce Management

Learn how generative AI is revolutionizing workforce management, and what Legion WFM is doing to pioneer this cutting edge technology.

AI-Powered Store Traffic Forecasting for Retail Businesses

Discover how AI boosts retail through store traffic forecasting, enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency with Legion Technologies.

The Power of Intelligent Automation in Simplifying Workforce Management Administration

By leveraging AI-powered WFM software, you’ll become much more efficient with daily tasks such as data entry and shift management.

Boosting Profitability and Employee Satisfaction: The Power of Stable Scheduling

Discover the impact that stable schedules can have on your business and the actionable steps you can take to implement them.

Driving Operational Improvements: The Power of Embedded Earned Wage Access in Legion

Legion builds Earned Wage Access (EWA) into WFM software. Read on to find out why this is better, and how it can drive improvements across your company.

Managing Employee Time Off Requests with Legion

Are schedule inconsistencies impacting your employee engagement? Improve their experience with better time off and availability management.

Streamlining Workforce Management: An Insight into Legion’s Real-Time Integration Approach for a Seamless Employee Experience

Learn how Legion creates a seamless employee experience through real time integrations. Your WFM software has never been so powerful.

Complying with Good Faith Estimates: The Role of Legion in Streamlining Labor Compliance and Employee Communication

Understand what you need to do to comply with good faith estimates and how Legion WFM streamlines labor compliance.

Best Practices for Driving Earned Wage Access Adoption

Considering implementing, or already have an earned wage access program in place? Learn how to encourage your hourly employees to adopt your EWA program.