Beyond Clocking Out: Managing Overtime and Work-Life Balance with Software Solutions

May 2, 2024

by Malysa O’Connor

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It’s always been a challenge for employees to balance work, family, and other personal commitments. When work starts bleeding into personal time, it’s a recipe for burnout, stress, and other problems.

Studies show that employees who regularly work overtime are more likely to experience health issues, decreased productivity, and even depression. It’s no wonder gig work is rising, and employees are seeking more schedule flexibility. The good news is that a healthy work-life balance is possible.

What would it take to achieve this? From rethinking scheduling practices to embracing flexibility at work, we’ll explore actionable strategies that don’t just promise improvement but deliver accurate results.

Everyone wins when employees can swap shifts, pick up shifts easily, and have schedules that meet their preferences and availability. Productivity goes up, turnover goes down, and overall job satisfaction skyrockets.

Legion Workforce Management (WFM) automatically generates schedules that meet employee and business needs 96% of the time while also helping you remain compliant with labor laws. Legion Automated Scheduling is the key to unlocking a better way of working.

Key Summary

  • Legion WFM Software fosters a healthier workplace dynamic by helping solve the challenges around work-life balance and overtime. Employees can manage their schedules and prevent burnout through our highly-rated mobile app. The Real-Time Attendance dashboard allows managers and employees to tackle excessive overtime to promote well-being and productivity.
  • Legion WFM fosters employee satisfaction with modern communications that build trust and transparency across all levels of your organization.

How Legion WFM Software Promotes Work-Life Balance and Prevents Overtime Burnout

What if employees could easily swap shifts, request time off, and manage their schedules—all from one easy-to-use app? That’s the power of Legion Workforce Management Software.

Giving employees more control over their work hours can help prevent burnout and promote a healthier work-life balance. Managers with real-time visibility into employee hours and overtime can proactively address issues before they become more significant problems.

Flexible Scheduling and Shift Swapping

One of the biggest benefits of WFM software is the ability for employees to request schedule changes or swap shifts with coworkers. With Workforce Sharing, team members can snag shifts at different locations, handing them more control over when and where they work and helping managers fill gaps in coverage. With Legion’s Time and Attendance and Automated Scheduling products, employee scheduling requests can be approved automatically while ensuring operational needs are met—freeing managers’ time to sell to customers and coaching employees. You’ll foster a culture of autonomy where employees feel trusted and valued.

Optimized Scheduling

Creating schedules that meet business needs while accommodating employee preferences is a balancing act. Legion leverages accurate, precise demand forecasts, employee skills, and availability preferences to help managers create optimized schedules.

The Legion scheduling engine automatically applies rules and constraints, such as scheduling policy rules, minor laws, meal and rest breaks, availability, and work role assignments. And managers automatically receive warnings if they make an edit that violates configured rules.

A weighted score helps managers assess whether a schedule meets their objectives. With dashboards and tools, managers can see whether their edits improve or reduce the quality of the schedule.

Legion Workforce Management also ensures that workloads are evenly distributed among employees, so you eliminate perceived favoritism while meeting operational demand. Legion’s Smart Templates feature takes schedule optimization to the next level. With pre-built templates based on business needs and employee preferences, managers can create schedules in minutes instead of hours. The result? Happier employees, more efficient operations, and a healthier bottom line.

Compliance with Labor Laws

Another challenge for managers is navigating the world of labor laws and regulations. Ignoring the rules can result in legal fines and damage your brand reputation.

Legion Automated Scheduling factors in labor compliance rules and business policies automatically and ensures predictable schedules, which cuts schedule creation time in half and helps managers build trust through transparency and schedule equity.

Overtime Tracking and Alerts

Overtime is a double-edged sword. While it can be necessary to meet business demands, excessively restricting overtime can result in understaffing. Too much unplanned overtime can result in high costs, burnout, decreased productivity, and even legal issues.

To proactively monitor this, Legion WFM enables managers to monitor and track employee hours, including overtime hours, on our Real-Time Attendance dashboard.

Automated alerts will let you know the status of your employees’ schedules so you can prevent excessive overtime and its negative consequences (without having to keep track manually).

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

A healthy work-life balance is more than schedules and overtime. You want to craft a work environment where everyone feels appreciated and actively involved.

Legion WFM’s system includes employee engagement tools for employee feedback and communication. From pulse surveys to peer-to-peer recognition, we make it easy to keep tabs on employee sentiment. With this setup, managers can listen to ideas, tackle issues head-on, and give a round of applause for the wins.

Managers can create a culture of continuous improvement by regularly soliciting feedback and acting on it. When employees see that their opinions matter, they’re more likely to feel invested in their work and the company.

Engaged employees are productive employees. And with Legion, boosting engagement has never been easier.

Legion Reshapes Work-Life Dynamics

If you thought finding the perfect balance between work and life in today’s fast-moving business world was impossible, let Legion restore your hope.

Legion WFM Software empowers managers to effectively manage overtime, promote flexibility, and boost employee engagement—all while creating optimized schedules that meet business needs.

By leveraging these software solutions, organizations can create a healthier, more productive work environment that prioritizes employee well-being and success. And when employees are happy and engaged, everyone wins.

Ready to say goodbye to burnout and hello to a better way of working? Legion WFM’s intelligent automation ensures overtime, premium pay, clopening, meal breaks, and other labor regulations are factored in across locations and jurisdictions.

Ready to give Legion a try? Request a demo to see Automated Scheduling in action. Your employees (and your bottom line) will thank you.