How Legion Workforce Management Eases Scheduling and Communication Challenges For Managers During Covid

February 17, 2022

by Malysa O’Connor

Three people wearing masks and typing on their mobile phones

Employers and managers have their own challenges as businesses continue to navigate Covid. Unfilled jobs and staff shortages result in supervisors or employees covering open shifts with minimal to no days off, reduced operating hours, and less staff on the floor to accommodate customers. All of these factors come with a bottom-line cost.

Companies struggle to retain great talent, keep employees safe and happy, and remain afloat. One way to enhance the employee experience and streamline the burdens on managers is by using Legion AI-powered workforce management.

Digital Communications for Frontline Employees

When it comes to reaching hourly employees off the clock, frontline managers are faced with limited communication options: calling, emailing, or texting. If a manager has to reach 20 hourly associates, that can quickly become a time-consuming task. According to a recent survey, 35% of managers spend 3-10+ hours per week managing schedules. And employees cited poor communication with their manager as a top reason they would leave their current job, other than pay.

Legion WFM Frontline Communications Announcements Legion WFM Frontline Communications Covid Updates Legion WFM Frontline Communications Newsfeed

Using Legion WFM, businesses can communicate with their hourly employees more effectively. Frontline Communications allows companies to send messages and verify that employees receive them, breaking down communication barriers managers face. So supervisors can focus on what’s most important, such as mentoring employees, customer interactions, and driving revenue.

Communication Tools Created for Hourly Employees

Using Frontline Communications improves and modernizes how you reach your frontline employees without the compliance risks associated with off-clock access.

  • Quickly reach all frontline employees through easy-to-use communication tools.
  • Allow your employees to access company news and schedules as well as chat with other employees using a modern mobile app.
  • Provide a familiar, consumer-like design and experience for employees with Chat, Announcement, and Newsfeed.
  • Get higher employee engagement and build a culture with improved communication between managers and coworkers.
  • Increase morale by enabling managers to share kudos or other company messages.
  • Tailored to the hourly workforce for managers, employees, and top-down corporate communications.
  • Use rich controls that help automatically enforce company policies and ensure compliant schedule-aware communications.

Keep Frontline Employees Engaged

Frontline Communications is part of the same mobile app that 95% of customers’ employees use weekly to view schedules, swap shifts, and make other requests. So your businesses can leverage that high rate of adoption to seamlessly reach hourly employees without needing separate communication tools.

Automate Employee Scheduling

Unlike legacy workforce management solutions that send employee requests to managers to solve, Legion WFM fully automates approving shift swaps and generates targeted offers for the best-fit employees to cover open shifts.

Using Legion’s AI-powered Automated Scheduling, managers can find the right employees to fill open shifts and roles. Here are some of the ways Legion can help.

Legion WFM Schedule Creation

Automatically match employee schedule preferences with business needs

Scheduling is finally simple. Employees indicate their scheduling preferences, and managers prioritize the most critical shifts to fill. Next, Legion’s Automated Scheduling intelligently matches their preferences to your labor needs with a 96% success rate.

Increases coverage with workforce sharing

Sharing employees across locations provides tremendous benefits to employers. It makes it easier to fill critical gaps in the schedule and optimize labor plans, especially in the face of worker shortages and COVID-19-related illnesses. Sharing employees across locations helps the company ensure it can schedule employees where they have the most critical need, provide higher levels of service, and in some cases, keep their doors open for business.

There are benefits for employees too. They get the additional flexibility they crave. Depending on their needs and preferences, they can work in different locations, making it easier to juggle their work schedule with school, home, and even vacations. And working at different locations also lets them pick up extra shifts and earn more money. A recent survey of 1,000 hourly employees and managers revealed that the number one reason hourly employees quit their jobs other than pay is a lack of schedule empowerment which breaks down into a lack of schedule control and flexibility.

AI-generated scheduling engine learns based on manager edits and continuously improves

The costs and effort required to manage schedules are reduced. For example, with an automated employee schedule, the administrative burden can be eased by simply copying schedules from a previous week to a new week using existing employee assignments or opening shifts to be assigned later.

Your Workforce Management Partner

Legion’s mission is to turn hourly jobs into good jobs. We want to partner with your company to help keep your hourly employees engaged while retaining great managers by easing their workload with an automated solution. Find out more about attracting and retaining managers and frontline hourly employees in our report, “Hour by Hour: Attracting and Retaining Hourly Employees and Their Managers.”

If you have questions about how your business can benefit from using Legion WFM, Frontline Communications, and Automated Scheduling, please request a demo. We’d love to show you.