How Legion WFM Platform Enhances the Frontline Employee Experience

February 10, 2022

by Malysa O’Connor

female manager in store wearing mask and gloves

Frontline industry employees and managers are exhausted. Coming up on the two-year mark of the pandemic, the light at the end of the tunnel looks dim to those who are overworked and for companies that remain understaffed. Industries such as retail, food services, healthcare, and hospitality have frontline employees who are burned out and are searching for a solution.

Across the board, employees in these industries are faced with concerns of protecting their health, earning fair compensation amid inflation, and maintaining a work-life balance during unprecedented times. These challenges lead many hourly employees to search for other opportunities. And employers know it’s costly to replace an employee.

Why Good Employees Quit

Legion surveyed hourly employees and their managers and found:

  • 59% of employees said that other than pay, the top reason they would quit their job is due to lack of schedule empowerment.
  • 39% of employees in the survey mentioned that besides pay, they would leave their current job because of poor communication with their managers.

Attract and Retain Hourly Employees

Retaining your hard-working employees is critical. The AI-powered Legion WFM platform synergistically helps both companies and frontline hourly employees. Legion’s data-driven WFM approach transforms the employee experience by providing schedule empowerment and modern communications. Here’s how Legion can help organizations support frontline hourly employees.

Schedule Optimization

A schedule that optimizes labor efficiency and matches employee preferences, giving employees more flexibility and control, are foundational components of a good job. Schedule empowerment means hourly employees can seamlessly weave their work lives into their personal lives without compromising balance. When employees are satisfied and like their schedules, it can improve their effectiveness, attitude, and well-being. While we can’t predict when people will call out sick, Legion WFM helps quickly fill open shifts for employers while still meeting the needs of the employees.

Automated Scheduling

Using Legion Automated Scheduling, employees can:

  • Share their preferences for when, how much, and where they work, and then Automated Scheduling intelligently matches their preferences to your business’s labor requirements – 96% of the time.
  • Easily access their schedules, request changes, pick up shifts at other locations, swap shifts, receive and respond to open shift requests, and request time-off in the Legion mobile app.

weekly schedule with blue border

How It Works

  • AI-powered Legion WFM fully automates the process of approving swaps and generates targeted offers for best-fit employees to cover open shifts.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) curates shift offers based on preferences, skills, and compliance factors in seconds, so shifts are offered to all best-fit employees rather than relying on a small pool of employees the manager knows.

Improve Employee Communications

Poor employee communication can cause disengagement, lower productivity, absenteeism, and even turnover. According to a recent survey studying the top reasons hourly employees would quit a job (other than pay), 39% chose poor communication with their employer. Effective communication can boost employee engagement and productivity. So ensuring your business has strong communication tools for all your employees is critical to keeping morale high.

Frontline Communications

Using Frontline Communications enables:

  • Companies to communicate with frontline employees about store closures, COVID-related updates, scheduling changes, and more.
  • Managers to share kudos and other updates, build corporate culture, and empower employees with direct information from management.

Phone app with newsfeed          Phone app with chat

How it Works

  • Using modern communications through a mobile app, employers have a tool for frontline employees, including Newsfeed, Chat, and context-sensitive communications.
  • Legion Frontline Communications enables companies to share information faster by sending a message once that reaches all relevant employees and verification notifications that show employees got the message.

Despite all of the struggles the workforce currently faces, Legion can help your company:

  • Increase manager productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Meet employees’ needs
  • Optimize schedule efficiency
  • Decrease compliance issues and overtime
  • Lower IT burden and cost

Learn More

Read this recent Forrester Research TEI report to find out how Legion WFM delivers a 13x ROI* and $13.35M* in net benefits after three years. If you have any questions about how your business can benefit from using Legion WFM Automated Scheduling or Frontline Communications, please request a demo. We’d love to show you.

*Based on customer interviews and composite organization of 10,000 employees moving from a legacy WFM system over three years.