AI-Powered WFM: HR’s New Superpower

March 24, 2022

by Casey Castellanos

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Recently, we participated in a webcast with Human Capital Institute (HCI), AI-Powered WFM: HR’s New Superpower. Our speakers, Kristin Brennan, VP of Marketing and Traci Chernoff, Director of Employee Engagement, covered the state of the hourly workforce and how businesses can use AI-powered WFM to engage and empower their employees while still optimizing labor efficiency.

Everyone knows how hard it is to attract and retain hourly employees, as businesses face a labor shortage that’s been called the Great Resignation. The hourly workforce expects more schedule control, better communication, and a stronger connection to their company’s purpose. So HR leaders want to know what they can do to increase the value they’re offering this critical group of employees. And it clearly goes beyond offering higher wages.

The Balance of Power Has Shifted

Kristin and Traci discussed how the balance of power has shifted between employers and employees. Traci commented, “We used to see HR recommendations that Gen Z hourly employees want to be in the office to meet their peers. But lately, we hear they want more gig-like flexibility and empowerment, so they can provide input on their schedules, locations they work, and what roles they play. This power shift is causing businesses and specifically HR leaders to be creative and progressive in the benefits they offer and how they structure the day-to-day for hourly employees.”

What’s the Hardest Thing About Managing Hourly Employees?

Kristin conducted a poll, “What’s the Hardest Thing About Managing Hourly Employees?” The responses included high turnover rates, how to increase retention, hourly wages not keeping up with the market, how to motivate and keep morale up. Kristin commented, “Sometimes people have to work multiple jobs or go to school. They need schedule flexibility and empowerment to manage all their responsibilities and be focused when they’re working.

Watch the On-Demand Webcast

Watch the on-demand webcast to learn more about

  • The top 3 reasons employees leave their jobs – other than pay
  • How you can use AI-powered WFM to offer greater employee empowerment – while still optimizing labor efficiency
  • How to build a company culture that includes and motivates your frontline employees by using modern communication tools

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