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Intelligently Automated Employee-Centric Restaurant Workforce Management

Restaurants need to upgrade from legacy systems to modern workforce management solutions that maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement.

Compliance Watch May 2023

We just sent out the latest edition of Compliance Watch – Legion’s quarterly bulletin about key changes in compliance rules. It includes information and resource links to help you monitor new employment laws and make it easier to manage and maintain compliance. This edition covers recent and planned updates to minimum wage, Fair Workweek Laws, and employee leave.

Unlocking Greater Frontline Employee Retention Through Flexibility

Learn how flexibility can make the difference between frontline employee retention and attrition and what you can do today to maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously.

Top 3 Ways Workforce Management Optimizes Omnichannel Operations

Learn the top three ways modern workforce management can optimize omnichannel operations, including leveraging intelligent automation and engaging frontline employees with flexible, modern tools.

Top 5 Reasons Customers Switch From Legacy Solutions to Legion for Retail Workforce Management

Learn the top 5 reasons customers are switching to Legion workforce management software from legacy solutions.

Intelligent Workforce Management Software: Don’t Rely on Luck

Legion’s workforce management software helps retailers and restaurants predict demand and optimize scheduling on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement for Hourly Workers: Best Practices

Creating a culture of employee engagement for hourly workers is essential for the success and productivity of any organization. In this blog, we outline best practices to help build an atmosphere that respects hourly workers while improving morale and job satisfaction.

Make Every Day Employee Appreciation Day

At Legion, our mission is to create better employee experiences, making hourly jobs good jobs – every day. Not just on Employee Appreciation Day.

Presidents Day and the Benefits of Automated Scheduling for Hourly Retail Employees

Automated scheduling positively impacts retail employees by allowing them flexibility, convenience, and improved communication, among other things.