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Streamlining Workforce Management: An Insight into Legion’s Real-Time Integration Approach for a Seamless Employee Experience

Learn how Legion creates a seamless employee experience through real time integrations. Your WFM software has never been so powerful.

Complying with Good Faith Estimates: The Role of Legion in Streamlining Labor Compliance and Employee Communication

Understand what you need to do to comply with good faith estimates and how Legion WFM streamlines labor compliance.

Best Practices for Driving Earned Wage Access Adoption

Considering implementing, or already have an earned wage access program in place? Learn how to encourage your hourly employees to adopt your EWA program.

Top 10 Reasons to Meet Us at Workday Rising

Join us at Workday Rising in booth #401 and learn how Legion is changing workforce management for the better with the power of AI.

Revolutionizing Retail: A Guide to AI Demand Forecasting

Explore how AI demand forecasting can transform retail operations, enhance sales, and streamline supply chain. Dive into our comprehensive guide today!

Engaging Your Workforce with WFM Data: The Power of Legion

Learn how you can leverage data from your workforce management system to optimize and engage your workforce.

Labor Compliance in the Age of AI: What HR Needs to Know

Legacy labor compliance solutions cause challenges. Discover how AI can help you stay proactive and prevent compliance issues before they arise.

2023 State of the Hourly Workforce: Businesses Must Embrace Intelligent Automation to Give Employees the Flexibility They’re Demanding

Discover the important issues that are trending with hourly employees this year. The theme? They demand flexibility that can be achieved with automation.

Actual Wages: How to Calculate Wages for Employees Correctly

Learn how and why you need to accurately calculate actual wages – whether you have WFM software or not.