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Legion’s CEO Talks About How to Attract and Retain Hourly Employees

FutureWork Playbook podcast: How businesses can use AI and machine learning to efficiently schedule employees, control costs, and make employees happier.

AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

Traditional approaches to demand forecasting can’t handle the complexity of the new omnichannel model. Learn how you can automatically achieve forecast excellence across all your locations.

Compliance Watch August 2021 – Latest Updates on Labor Laws

In this edition, we’ll show you how Legion WFM helps you manage recent and planned updates in predictive scheduling, COVID-19 paid sick leave, and minimum wages.

Legion Shortlisted for 2021 SaaS Awards

We built Legion WFM as a SaaS product from the start, so we’re honored to be a 2021 SaaS Awards Program finalist in the Best SaaS Product for the HR category.

Attracting and Retaining Hourly Employees and Their Managers

With the labor shortage, many managers want to answer: “how do I attract and retain the employees I need?” We surveyed 1,000 employees and managers to find out.

Learn How to Achieve New Levels of Accuracy with Legion Demand Forecasting

Learn how we measure and report our demand forecast accuracy. Get insights about demand forecasting approaches and best practices.

How Demand Forecasting Is Affected by Demand Data Discontinuity

Demand forecasting is a key focus at Legion. In this article, we explain data discontinuity and how we tackle this problem.

Delivering Employee Value Through AI-Powered Workforce Management

The pandemic magnified employers’ existing pain points, such as high churn rates and hourly employee replacement costs. Rate increases alone aren’t sufficient to keep employees engaged.

Live from NRF Retail Converge: Automate Decision Making to Ensure Happy Customers and Employees Using AI-Powered Workforce Management

Coming out of last week’s NRF Retail Converge event, we learned that many retailers are still struggling with issues around staffing and customer satisfaction.