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Retail Labor Forecasting: Understanding Demand Drivers

To do a great job at retail labor forecasting, you need to understand demand drivers. Learn how to leverage sales data, market trends, and more for retail success.

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Why Workforce Management Is Important

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Importance of Having a Family-Oriented Company Culture

Learn how and why you should develop a family-oriented company culture in your workplace.

Benefits of Workforce Management Powered By AI

Explore all the benefits of workforce management software that enables intelligent automation of time-consuming, everyday tasks.

Retail WFM: The Software Every Retailer Needs for Success

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Employee Performance Metrics in Workforce Management

Discover new ways to measure and analyze employee performance metrics with Legion WFM.

Legion Employee Mobile App | Voted #1 By Employees

You and your employees need easy to use software. Read about our employee mobile app and learn to engage your workforce seamlessly.

RELEX Live Recap: Unifying Retail Planning

Discover how your retail business can unify retail planning activities with Legion’s RELEX integration.