AI-Powered Workforce Management Platform

Reduce labor costs significantly, cut scheduling time in half, and achieve 95% employee engagement — simultaneously and at scale.

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Used by companies in 30,000 locations globally and 450,000+ happy customer employees

Legion Wfm Customers
Legion Wfm Customers

Maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously with Legion WFM


Optimize labor efficiency

Create optimized labor plans that are automatically customized for each location based on AI-forecasted demand.


Cut scheduling time by 50%

Automatically create fully compliant, personalized schedules in a single click.


Engage hourly workers

Empower employees with schedule ownership. Enable them to view shifts, claim open shifts, swap shifts, and more from an easy-to-use self-service mobile app.


Automate labor compliance

Automatically manage labor compliance, including predictive pay, OT, premium pay, clopening, minors requirements, and more.

See Legion AI-Powered Workforce Management Platform in action.

Learn how to optimize labor efficiency while simultaneously enhancing employee experience.

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The Legion Workforce Management Platform

Demand Forecasting

The Legion WFM demand forecasting engine automatically delivers consistent, accurate forecasts week after week. Powered by machine learning, it ensures accuracy is scalable and automatically generates consistent results across all your locations.

Labor Optimization

Automatically generated, highly accurate demand forecasts are used to create an optimal labor plan. No more mapping between labor models that are used by finance for forecasting and by operations for scheduling.

Automated Scheduling

Create AI-optimized schedules in a single click. Employee preferences and skills are automatically matched with the optimized labor forecast, compliance requirements, and custom staffing policies to create fully-compliant, perfect-match schedules.

Employee Engagement

Reduce turnover and improve employee engagement by giving them greater control over their schedules with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Time and Attendance

Easily record, monitor, and track track time and attendance on the web or with a smart kiosk. Legion WFM integrates seamlessly with leading payroll systems.

Integrate Legion WFM seamlessly with your HCM and payroll systems

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Integrate Legion WFM seamlessly with your HCM and payroll systems


Customers Love Legion WFM

Jordan Fontini

Jordan Fontini

Director of Operations, SoulCycle

“The biggest benefit is saving time for our managers so they can do business-critical activities like build their ridership in the community, train their staff, grow their teams—the time savings for managers is critical.”

Traci Rubin

Traci Rubin

Director of Human Resources, SMCP

“Legion has completely transformed our organization. It has improved our employee's engagement by supporting their preferences, and 100% of them use the mobile app. It’s also given back time to our managers and made scheduling cool again!”

Director of Workforce Operations

National Discount Retailer

“Legion’s product roadmap begins where others end. Their modern architecture enables the engineering and product teams to focus on building new features: staying ahead of legislation, tuning AI and Machine Learning (ML) to drive efficiency, and building features that directly engage our workforce.”

David Collignon

David Collignon

SVP of Operations, Blink Fitness

”Legion's technology can determine exactly what's needed at any given time, on any given day, at any given Blink Location to meet our member's needs.”

See Legion WFM In Action