2023: State of the Hourly Workforce

Hourly Workers Report

The Labor Shortage is Here to Stay:

Employers Must Embrace Intelligent Automation

While unemployment rates have returned to pre-pandemic levels for many industries, the labor shortage is here to stay for employers of hourly workers. Legion recently surveyed more than 1,500 hourly employees and 628 managers in North America and found more than 62% of hourly employees plan to leave their jobs within the next 12 months and 64% of those plan to leave their current industries. With this ongoing labor shortage, the balance of power has permanently shifted to the hourly employee. 

You can see a sneak peek at the results in the infographic, but read the full “2023 State of the Hourly Workforce” annual report to learn: 

  • The new rules for recruiting and retaining hourly employees.
  • The biggest challenges managers face and how employers can help address them
  • How intelligent automation can improve manager productivity

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