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APRIL 2 - 4, 2024 | LOS ANGELES

Are you ready to maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously?

Join us at HR Retail, April 2-4 in LA, to learn how Legion is revolutionizing workforce management through the power of intelligent automation. Schedule some time to meet with WFM experts and see a demo of our innovative platform.

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Schedule a 1:1 demo or book a meeting with a Legion executive to hear how Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to maximize your labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously.

  • Intelligent Automation
  • Labor Optimization
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Optimized Scheduling
  • Attracting & Retaining Hourly Employees

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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM | April 3, 2024

Transforming Workforce Management for Greater Frontline Engagement

Roundtable Discussion

Kristin Brennan 650x650

Kristin Brennan
VP, Marketing

The Labor Shortage is Here to Stay: 

Employers Must Embrace Intelligent Automation 

2023 State Of The Hourly Workforce Report

2023 State of the Hourly Workforce Report

While unemployment rates have returned to pre-pandemic levels for many industries, the labor shortage is here to stay for employers of hourly workers. Legion recently surveyed more than 1,500 hourly employees and 628 managers in North America and found some interesting data.

Read the full report

Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em – What HR Leaders Need to Know

Traci Chernoff, former director of HR at SMCP and current Senior Director of Employee Engagement at Legion, shares key findings from the 2023 State of the Hourly Workforce Report:

  • What hourly employees want
  • The importance of Earned Wage Access
  • The challenges of attracting and retaining employees
  • Embracing intelligent automation

Watch the webinar

Love Em Or Lose Em
Ai Powered Wfm

AI-Powered WFM: HR’s New Superpower

As companies continue to face the Great Resignation, attracting and retaining hourly employees has never been more difficult, but what can HR leaders do to increase the value they’re offering this critical group of employees?

  • Top 3 reasons why employees leave—other than pay
  • How you can use AI-powered WFM to offer greater employee empowerment—while still optimizing labor efficiency
  • How to build a culture with your frontline employees through modern communication tools.

Watch the webinar

Employee Retention with Intelligent Automation

An AI-driven workforce management solution, such as Legion’s Workforce Management Platform (WFM), helps businesses attract and retain hourly employees through greater flexibility and recognition and supports managers in optimizing labor efficiency while maximizing employee engagement.

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation throughout the entire workforce management spectrum by continuously learning from data to improve decision-making and execution while simultaneously allowing for human control. With Legion WFM, employers can:

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Legion WFM generates fully automated granular demand forecasts and labor budgets in seconds using AI. The Legion WFM self-learning forecasting engine continuously learns and adapts to the business.

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Businesses can automatically create optimized labor plans, generate optimal schedules that match business needs with employee preferences and skills 96% of the time, and reduce the time managers spend creating and maintaining schedules by 50%.

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An intuitive app ups the employee retention ante by giving hourly associates schedules that match their preferences, gig-like flexibility, modern communication tools, and instant access to earned wages. Legion’s app is the most highly rated in the industry, with an average rating of 4.8 from tens of thousands of users in the app store.

Why Meet with Legion at HR Retail?

Customer-Proven Results

A Forrester TEI study quantified the economic impact of the Legion platform for a company with 10k employees over a three-year period. Savings based on $260k/yr investment for three years, resulting in 13x ROI.



hard-dollar savings


schedule optimization


manager-productivity improvement


attrition reduction

Customers Love Legion

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Legion has completely transformed our organization. It has improved our employee’s engagement by supporting their preferences, and 100% of them use the mobile app. It’s also given back time to our managers and made scheduling cool again!

Traci Chernoff

Former Director of HR, SMCP

Learn more about how Legion WFM helps retailers

Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

Retailers nationwide are in danger of losing their hourly employees. Join our webinar to find out what can be done to address this while there’s still time.

The Productivity Well-Being Feedback Loop

Join our webcast to learn how you can create a positive feedback loop with employees through strategies such as Earned Wage Access.

ALDO Group: Why Flexibility is the Key to Workforce Efficiency and Employee Engagement

Delivering a modern, engaging employee experience while maintaining efficiency is key to ALDO Group’s operations today. Check out this webcast to learn how they’ve been able to optimize labor costs while improving their associate experience with Legion WFM.

Top Reasons Retailers are Turning to Legion

Leading retailers are turning to Legion for a fresh, innovative approach to WFM. There are many reasons why customers select Legion’s intelligent, automated, employee-centric WFM software, but these are the top reasons we hear from our customers.

2023 Retail Trends Report: Transforming Labor Operations and the Employee Experience Through Automation

In this report, a panel of retail technology experts from Legion, YOOBIC, and RetailNext share actionable insights on how to use AI-powered technologies to improve labor efficiency and the frontline employee experience.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

Infographic: The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

A recent study by Forrester Consulting shows a 1,345% Return on Investment for Legion’s Retail WFM platform.. Download the infographic now to help assess the financial impact your organization could experience with Legion Workforce Management.

Intelligent Workforce Management: What HR Leaders Need to Know

Learn how intelligent, AI-driven workforce management can help you keep deskless workers motivated and engaged, and use it as a strategic lever for improving the employee experience.

Workforce Management Software for Retail: A Buyer’s Guide

Learn everything you need to know about retail workforce management from the industry’s leading software provider.


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